On July 25, in Riga, Daugavgriva Fortress, the additional event of the music and art festival “Comet” “Comet Academy” took place.

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Inviting thought experiments, lively discussions, asking forbidden questions and practicing the ecology of the mind, through workshops, lectures and conversations, participants were invited to jointly create and share a knowledge event that brought together fans of the Comet festival.

As the organizers of the “Comet Academy” informed the portal “Delfi”, the day started with the workshop “Esot Daba”, followed by the workshop “Relations with my body”, “Women’s stand”, musical show “Samba de Riga”, and the evening ended with DJ N. Volkova.

Festival “Comet” is an open-air festival – a social and cultural experiment for three days. The festival invites you to practice your freedom of mind, listen to lectures and participate in workshops, dance and enjoy music.

This year the festival will take place for the fifth year, in Daugavgriva fortress, Riga. July 31 to August 2. The festival is organizing three additional events this year – the “Comet Academy” on July 25, the “Comet Community Day” on August 8 and the “Comet Dance” on August 15. More information can be found on the festival website www.festivalskometa.lv

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