PHOTO: More than 500 people in a picket in Riga express support for protesters in Belarus – in Riga

Tonight in Riga, at the Belarusian Embassy, ​​more than 500 people gathered in a picket to express support to the protesters in Belarus after the presidential election, and there was a constant movement of people in the direction of the picket.

The picketers held various posters expressing support for the protesters in Belarus, as well as condemning the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

For example, the posters read “Belarus deserves change”, “Belarus deserves freedom”, “Freedom for political prisoners” in English and Russian, and a poster with a mustache symbolizing Lukashenko. In other posters, however, these mustaches were depicted with drops of blood dripping from them.

The slogan “Freedom for Belarusians!” Was also chanted. People with slogans also called on Lukashenko to resign, as well as chanted “Change!” and “Freedom!”.

Former Member of the Saeima Lolita Čigāne, the first leader of the Latvian People’s Front Dainis Īvāns and Member of the European Parliament Sandra Kalniete (JV) gave speeches at the picket.

In his address, Ivan referred to the assistance provided by Belarus to Latvia during the Awakening, pointing out that the Latvian Saeima needs to adopt a resolution similar to that adopted by the Rada of Ukraine, which has decided not to recognize the presidential election in Belarus. A similar opinion was expressed by Kalniete, who also pointed out that the Belarusian leadership will need to be responsible for the events of the last days in front of the Belarusian people.

At the end of the picket, those present sang the Latvian anthem and began to leave slowly, but some delayed for a while and sang a song by Viktor Coy, which was often sung during the protests in Belarus.

The incident was overseen by a significant number of policemen who prevented anyone, including the mass media, from gathering near the embassy, ​​so picketers were “scattered” on both sides of the street and on the stairs of the nearby Jesus Church.

The picketers reportedly decided to gather in a “Solidarity Action in Support of the Belarusian People” because “the people of Belarus, advocating open and fair elections and a fair, democratic state, are currently suffering from the repression of the ruling power”.

“After the presidential election on August 9, protests against the falsification of election results began in Belarus. They were violently suppressed by the police and military special forces, injuring dozens or even more people by crashing into a crowd with a police car,” the organizers said.

It has already been reported that according to the official data provided by the Belarusian authorities in the presidential elections in Belarus on Sunday, the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko won 80.08% of the vote, but the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska – 10.9%.

The opposition insists the election results are falsified. After the elections in Belarus, protests broke out against Lukashenko, who escalated into clashes with security forces. At least one person has died.

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