Photo: Natasha Koroleva arrived at the Kremlin in shorts – Channel five


The Russian singer Natasha Koroleva supplanted her fans with an unusual dress. The artist has posted a picture in an ambiguous image on Instagram.

In the picture, Natasha poses at the New Year's tree near the Kremlin. The singer has a gray knitted hat with long "ears", silver trousers and a body over them. The fans are very outraged by the appearance of the actress in shorts near the walls of the main government building in the country, reports the publication

– The passion for the intimate is understandable, but not in winter, – wrote the fans.

However, already on the next post by Korolev on Instagram, it is clear that with the photo published, an optical illusion has played a cruel joke. Natalia wore loose silver trousers and a jacket with a rubber band on a black background. The unsuccessful shooting angle has simply transformed a piece of windproof clothing into spicy underwear.

Previously, Channel Five said that users have criticized the photo Natalia Podolskaya for an immodest posture.



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