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The wave of trills that has been unleashed since former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez published a photograph with the invitation to a press conference for the launch of ‘Todos por Medellín’, a “citizen oversight movement,” according to the website. has not stopped.

(In context: Álvaro Uribe’s attack on the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero)

This Friday, the senator of the Democratic Center Paola Holguín published a trill with a photograph that has caused curiosity among Internet users, since Álvaro Uribe is seen with the dreaded Darth Vader from Star Wars (‘Star Wars’).

And next to the photograph are other people from public life, who make up what she called “The Justice League.”

“The citizen oversight department has Mr. Quintero and his entourage very tormented … they say in my land, he who owes nothing, fears nothing or if I am not doing anything wrong, why these nerves? … and the” justice league “It scares them too,” he trilled.

After that, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, answered the trill and wrote:

“All oversight is welcome, including # TodosxMedellín who represent themselves as the Dark Side of Star Wars. They are valued for their honesty.”

For their part, other users responded to the Senator of the Democratic Center that they had seen the Star Wars films, because in the film the Star Wars villains dominate the dark side of the force and want to control the entire galaxy.

Upon learning of Quintero’s reaction, who in recent days has also responded to various trills from former Senator Uribe, Holguín responded again:

(In other news: Electronic ID would be ready from November)

“Mr. @QuinteroCalle, NO (sic) we introduce ourselves, the montage and the title of” Justice League “belongs to your Councilor, they expected to make us a complex, but we know how to laugh at ourselves and we also know how to fight to defend Medellín, Antioquia and its institutionality “.

The photo that the senator shared was initially published by Álex Flórez, a Medellín councilor for the Independientes movement.

The trill, Flórez, who has on his Twitter profile a photograph accompanied by the mayor of Medellín, wrote: “The league of depoliticized and disinterested justice that watches over the stability of Medellín and EPM without interference (?). These are the promoters of the TodosxMedellín “independent” oversight. How many politicians are getting their hands on them? The same ones who have attacked since elections. ” Along with the message, there was the photograph shared by Holguín, but with a legend.

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Flórez also responded to Holguín: “Yes, senator, I made the meme, what I didn’t know was that she was going to like it so much,” he trilled.

How it all started?

A few days ago the EPM board of directors resigned after the lawsuit against the constructors of Hidroituango, as well as the request for the resignation of Juan Andrés Vásquez de Ruta N.

Some sectors opposed to the administration of Daniel Quintero Calle began to mobilize to promote his revocation as mayor of Medellín.

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Parallel to this, former senator Álvaro Uribe published the trill mentioning the press conference for the launch of the “citizen oversight movement”, ‘Todos por Medellín’.

The president of Medellín, published in that same social network a message containing Uribe’s invitation, in which he stated: “We will give former President Uribe and his recall movement all the democratic guarantees in Medellín.”

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