PHOTO. Politician Ramona Petraviča has indulged in an erotic photo session in the pages of a men’s magazine

Politician Ramona Petraviča

Politician, former Minister of Welfare Ramona Petraviča participated in an erotic photo session in the latest magazine “Klubs”. She has admitted to the Private Life edition that it is not the number of years that you put in some frames, but the way you feel. That’s why she’s urging other women to dare too!

The 54-year-old politician is also aware that she will not be indifferent to this decision. Some will say it’s cool, while others will be horrified, as the politician can afford.

She also admits that she asked for the opinion of a man, her colleague, before the photo shoot, but she is not ready to reveal her name in public. On the other hand, she simply put her daughter in front of the fact.

Speaking about her appearance, Ramona said that she does not have an “iron character” and it is quite difficult to keep herself in the frame, because she has to be especially pampered when she tastes both sweets and sports.



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