Photo: The American license plate ‘Jurmala’ is parked at the door of the store

Tuesday, July 14, at the end of the working day at the supermarket “Maxima“In Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve, an eyewitness Kārlis observed an unusual view – at the very entrance of the store, on the sidewalk at the pedestrian crossing, a buyer had placed his”Dodge“SUV with US license plate” Jurmala “.

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As shown in the photos, the “Jurmala” license plate is registered in the US state of New Hampshire, located on the east coast of the Canadian border. The Latvian guest may not be familiar with the local road traffic regulations, but the significant name for Latvia, which coincides with the name of the city of Jūrmala, and the local Scandinavian type winter tires suggest that the owner of “Dodge” is not on you with Latvian latitudes.

In addition, while shopping in the car, the Dodge driver had opened the car door on both sides, making it even more difficult for visitors to enter and leave the store.

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