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The path of Mauricio Ríos | The ex-owner of the Córdoba and Alberti grill is the same one who usurped a house in Cariló, taking advantage of the pandemic. His bankruptcy doesn’t seem to stop him, because he really likes what is not his. To think that he called himself a friend of the influencers …

When a video filmed in a house in Cariló went viral, with celebrations that included a lot of champagne and cumbia, the face of a well-known merchant from the city of Mar del Plata could be distinguished. The power relations that cause some to acquire impunity overnight and seem called upon to do what they want with whatever they want were put into focus again, because Mauricio Ríos, a former grocer and former grillman, is one of those who takes the opportunity to take pictures with any official close to you, and wait for the situation to use it.

The mayor of Pinamar had already denounced before the Provincial Magistracy Council that the prosecutor Eduardo Elizarraga did not act immediately when a complaint of usurpation of property in his jurisdiction was made. Some thought that there was direct collusion with criminals, and neighbors were increasingly restless in the midst of the pandemic that did not allow many owners to get to the place to guard their property.

But the face that could be seen in the photos was that of the opportunist Ríos: widely known in Mar del Plata among businessmen linked to the nightlife, he is a vivillo who takes a photo with every political figure he has at his disposal to take advantage of. Such was his action with Mayor Arroyo, who surely did not even know who he was when he agreed to pose next to him. In fact, every time he was observed by a municipal inspector, he brought up the image, as well as the contact of former security minister Christian Ritondo, today a national deputy, who appeared on his cell phone.

Ríos had a grill in the city that was called after him, “Lo de Mauri”. The luxurious Abracadabra resort was operating at the same time, recently denounced for illegal logging. Meanwhile, he was trying to make powerful friends in the political arena and, of course, in the police environment.

His relationship with the former departmental head Christian Marcozzi cannot be hidden for long, because the photo fishing in a rubber boat in Pinamar was widely disseminated. They are seen hugging and happy, and Ríos wears his characteristic gold chains. Marcozzi and Ríos are said to be like brothers.

House taken

The case of the usurped house in Cariló got out of hand. The owner had gone to the decentralized prosecutor’s office in Pinamar in March, when she learned of the usurpation, but the only response she received was that she had to make a civil trial. Months passed until Pinamar was entered, and the result was known to all: a scandal.

It is not that until then Ríos had gone unnoticed: everyone remembers him showing off his contacts with prosecutors. But no matter how notorious he was, his “Lo de Mauri” grill had been closed due to lack of authorization and serious bromatological problems: the grill was a real mess, and the eviction did not take long to arrive, even though he did not skimp on threats.

But now Ríos – who does not stop committing crimes – was in possession of the usurped property in Cariló, taking advantage of the situation of isolation. When he was ordered to leave the place, he showed apocryphal documentation with which he tried to legitimize his situation in the house: the supposed rental contract that he showed includes the name of the company that owns the house, linked to the true owner.

It is clear that, in some way, he obtained all the cadastral information with which he sustained the falsification of the public document. Until that moment, all his movements made one think that Ríos was actually doing what he wanted. The usurpation of the house lasted for ten months and, during that time, he painted it a different color, had a waterfall built, installed air conditioning equipment, and changed the sign for one that indicated the new name: Live again.

The point is that Mauricio Ríos appeared before everyone as a “Kirchnerist leader” during the time he remained in the building, which held a large photo of the former president and his wife Cristina Fernández at the entrance, according to both witnesses and the people who were hired to make repairs in the house.

The Abracadabra spa is located in the south of Mar del Plata, and gained notoriety in the atmosphere of the night. Ríos exploited it with the company “Playas de Faro SA”, and in August 2019 it had been denounced by the Union of Lifeguard Associates (UGA). The irregularities evidenced did not matter much, and everyone believed that his power came from an alleged relationship with the former mayor Arroyo, which, of course, was convenient for the owner.

Those who know him best say that Ríos had already practiced the strategies of usurpation, and nothing was new to him. In Mar del Plata, it had seized public beaches by force because it had the complicity of judicial and police authorities. In Pinamar he put all his affinities into practice, and seems to have counted on the head of UFI No. 5, prosecutor Eduardo Elizarraga, whose dismissal was requested by the mayor of the seaside resort, Martín Yeza.


Ríos used to show off his friendships within the courts and the police, so now everyone is looking for a way to delete compromising photos from social networks. But you can’t do everything. There are always images that get leaked and remain on third party networks.

In any case, the Jeep that was seized during the raid had the engine number blurred, so it could clearly be suspected that it was a twin, or a cloned vehicle. But, although it was Ríos who used it, the prosecutor did not charge him even for having a tampered vehicle in his possession, or for covering up the crime.

Today, the most unobjectionable part of the situation is that “Mauri” Ríos is bankrupt: the file is not from today, but from 2018, and is in the Civil and Commercial Court No. 6 of the city. The resolution of the call for creditors indicates that the line is long, and that it will not be easy to get this character to pay even something to all the firms to which he owes. First of all, to the local municipality, although through his lawyer Ríos denies all debts, fees and fines of all kinds in the businesses he operated. They are not only from the Córdoba street grill, because he was always a grocer, and he has at least two businesses in the field on Tejedor and Matheu streets.

The debts to Cabrales SA, and to the wineries that intend to collect astonishing figures in wines, follow the line in turn. And, of course, to the AFIP: only to them, it owes more than 170,000.

The Superintendency of Labor Risks claims him, and so does Sancor Cooperativa Ltda, the Trade Employees Union, ARBA, different companies that market edible products, Sanitary Works, meat sellers and, of course, Rudy Fernando Ulloa, who He claims to have sold him a supermarket that never paid him off.

This long chain of creditors is joined by Banco Credicoop, whose letterhead shines on the checks that sustained most of the aforementioned debts.

We already know that in Mar del Plata they evicted him from the Alberti and Córdoba premises that he used as “Parrilla El Mauri”. Lawyers say that Ríos had forged a rental contract with a certified signature to make an agreement with Obras Sanitarias, and thus not cut off the water in the premises. But, as his concept of impunity is so tied to power, he was not shy about acknowledging it in front of the arbitrators of the arbitral tribunal. “And good”, said, “Things that one does. It was so they wouldn’t cut off my water ”.

Beyond having been closed for all possible irregularities, in the last two years the collection of rents had become impossible for those who managed the property, since Ríos delivered bad checks and future promises. But, along the way, he did not leave anyone without threatening fires, shots and other revenge, until he generated around him a halo of mafia atmosphere that everyone refers to. Perhaps the end of his reign has come: each pig gets his San Martín.

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