PHOTO. “We simply “touched” together with my wife”: Kaspars Kambala demonstrates his painted nails

Kaspars Kambala and his wife Olga

Former basketball player and boxer, TV show star Kaspars Kambala posted a photo of himself with his wife on social networks Okay Kambalu. The photo shows that both have painted nails – Kaspar’s in black and Olga’s in white. “Yin and yang…. black and white… husband and wife,” he wrote next to the photo, which translates as “yin and yang… black and white… husband and wife”.

Someone in the comments asks if Kaspars also polishes his nails every day? At first, he receives an answer from Kaspar’s wife, Olga Kambala, that the one in the picture is a gellaka that has been holding for a month. But Kaspars made a more extensive comment: “I went with my wife to a small farm on the island and in order not to be bored, I also thought of showing solidarity and sacrificing my nails for this experiment. We simply “touched” together with my wife.

Olga and Kaspars Kambalas exchange wedding rings


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