Photos from a place where Ebola returns again and again


Epidemic and violence in Ebola: North Kivu got double. In the last six months, around 500 people have died of the Ebola virus in eastern DRC. It is the tenth outbreak of the disease in the last 40 years. At the same time, citizens are suffering under the violence of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). The rebel army has already killed thousands of people in Central Africa in attacks and battles.

In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult for NGOs to help effectively. Not only has ADF attacked many of Ebola's treatment centers, but also protesters who oppose politics from the capital Kinshasa. These people are angry because they could not vote in the presidential elections last December. They say the Congolese government used the Ebola epidemic as an excuse to exclude areas like North Kivu from voting.

The inhabitants of the city of Beni were not allowed to vote in the presidential elections in December

The Ebola virus continues to spread and humanitarian workers suffer from political violence. Therefore, many doctors in North Kivu fear that the epidemic can become an uncontrollable and permanent part of life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We traveled to Beni, a city in North Kivu, to understand how the country fights against Ebola.

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A nurse disinfects an ambulance

It is the tenth epidemic of Ebola in the last 40 years

Potential people infected with ebola are quarantined in large tents

Anyone who has ever had ebola is immune to the virus. That's why many of the previous patients help in treatment centers

The caretakers decorated the center with Christmas decorations

Because of the heat, the helpers wear only protective suits for an hour and a half. The garments are disinfected after use according to strict specifications

The properties of new patients are immediately burned

Ebola transmits on body fluids. This is why you have to follow a rigorous procedure when wearing it, so that the suit is completely waterproof

The helpers write the names of the others on the forehead. It is an attempt to make the contact between patients and auxiliaries more human

Even more Christmas decorations

Many people flee because of violence in the region – making it even more difficult to stem the virus

Doctors are trying for the first time to vaccinate the population against ebola. Currently, four remedies are tested. Although these do not prevent one from being infected by the virus – they increase the chances of survival



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