Photos from the Best Space Station 2021, Astronauts Grow Chili and Use HoloLens

SAN FRANCISCO, – Towards the end of the year, NASA is sharing some of the best images from the International Space Station (ISS). Pictures show research from other work being done there.

Some of the most striking photos are of astronauts growing and tending vegetable crops, using two main pieces of equipment. Veggie Experiments mainly grows leafy vegetables like pak choi.

Photo: NASA

Another piece of equipment used on the ISS to grow food is the Advanced Plant Habitat, where astronauts are growing chili peppers for the first time this year. This impressive feat is the longest plant experiment on the ISS so far, lasting a total of 137 days. Chili peppers and the habitats in which they grow can be seen here, admired by NASA astronaut Kayla Barron:

Photo: NASA

Another big event at the ISS this year was the installation of new solar panels to replace the aging solar panels currently providing power to the stations, some of which are 20 years old. The new ISS roll-out solar arrays (iROSA) are smaller than the old arrays but provide more power, and the upgrade process from the old to the new arrays began with a series of spacewalks this year, as quoted by Digital Trends.

Photo: NASA

Editor: Dini Listiyani

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