PHOTOS: Lorena Cid turns on the internet with an impressive bikini in the pool

Lorraine Cid is a lawyer and sports lover who, since her romantic relationship with the former Televisa Deportes analyst became known Eduardo Trelles, has not stopped growing. The aforementioned is characterized by the way it presents sports news, which it offers in a cooler way to the views on a regular basis.

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In the same way, the driver also has enough personality to attract thousands of followers, who have followed practically forever despite the rare occasions when he has switched Twitter or Instagram accounts, respectively.

It is precisely in this last social network where he surprised friends and strangers with a series of photos that left more than one follower with their mouths open. On more than one occasion the poet has shown part of her body; however, in these photographs he climbed one more link in daring.

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Here, you can see a Lorena Cid coming out of the pool with a tiny bikini of colors that became the favorite of his fans. In the photos you can see the way in which the aforementioned enjoys her beauty, which has gained her many followers in recent months.

The photoshoot was so incredible and generated so much relevance that, in a matter of days, it managed to overcome the barrier of one thousand 675 likes. In the same way, he accumulated around a hundred comments, which thank him for appear practically natural without fear of negative criticism against him.

For all these adepts, Lorraine Cid She is considered one of the most impressive and popular sports personalities in Mexico. Proof of the above are the more than 43 thousand followers that he owns on Instagram, which continue to grow thanks to his 373 publications.

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