Photos: Pablo Montero found love in a young woman 25 years his junior

They filter photos of Pablo Montero as a ‘sugar daddy’ of a 21-year-old girl.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

Before entering The House of the Famous Pablo Montero He was surrounded by strong controversies with the mother of his daughters, it was even said that the objective of his participation was to clean up his image and he even showed himself reading the Bible and being attentive to his companions by cooking for them, although he was not spared from starring in some controversies.

And now that he is returning to his normal life after almost three months of confinement, he has not declined to monopolize the headlines of the show, because He was seen to be very affectionate with a mysterious young woman who, it is said, could be his new conquest.

This would not be news if the singer himself had not deleted the publications he made on his social networks that They evidenced their meeting where he appears with his pants unbuttoned and that, furthermore, from information from Gossip No Like it is known that the girl is twice her age.

Javier Ceriani and Elisa beristain they also revealed that the singer bought tickets to bring her from Acapulco with everything and mom, and they shared a conversation between them that you can check.

“I love you, what are you doing?”, Pablo Montero tells the young woman identified as Nicole Cast who answers: “Well, I need money to go.”

Given the circumstances, users of social networks have already generated many hypotheses, they mark him as ‘Sugar Daddy’ And, to top it all, they have tagged Gisella Aboumrad for her opinion.

Gisella was his partner in the House of Famous and desperately tried to be his romantic partner, but the singer never showed interest.

“It seems the daughter, men love to hang out with creatures”; “So young and pretty they lend themselves to bad life to grieve”; “Pablo Montero old green”; “He’s already turned sugar daddy”; “Poor Gigi”; “I’ll stay with Gigi”; “Has Gisella already answered you on WhatsApp?”, “What will Ernestina alias @gisellatv think of this?”, The audience writes.

Pablo Montero has ignored his role in this controversy and it seems that this will continue to be the case, since in his last publication he dedicated himself to boasting that he is sharing a vacation with his two daughters whom he visited in Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is where the little ones live with their mother.

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