Health Physical and emotional well-being, keys to overcome quarantine

Physical and emotional well-being, keys to overcome quarantine

By Belén Spaciuk [email protected]

The current situation of preventive and compulsory social isolation led people to go from a commonly active life to an almost sedentary one.

These abrupt changes in everyday life could trigger counterproductive consequences. Is that the context of Covid-19 not only endangers the physical health of millions of people around the world, but also entails disorders and mental fatigue, impacting on the integrity and general well-being of people.

“Body and mind are united and, if we are well, they remain in harmony. But when we feel worried, anxious and even frustrated, all of this has a negative impact not only on our spirits but also on the body ”, explained Marianela Martinek, clinical psychologist for adults, in dialogue with The Territory.

“The social context of a pandemic inevitably generates a state of alarm throughout the body. And if we add to this the decrease in physical activity, it is logical that bodily discomforts such as headaches, back, neck and joint pain, among others, appear ”, agreed Florencia Pacheco, kinesiologist (MP 585).

Pain could be, in this sense, an indicator that something of that balance has been upset.

The state of uncertainty causes stress and this causes the body to work all the time under pressure. “The brain manages everything, it dominates everything. So if we live in a constant state of alarm, we will notice physical repercussions. Especially everything that has to do with muscle contractures or pain in the neck or spine, precisely because it is what structures us, sustains us, ”Pacheco explained.

Fear, excess pressure or responsibility and even a feeling of uncertainty figure, “according to the Psychosomatic Clinic, as emotions that affect lumbar diseases,” said Martinek, while adding that this happens as long as the etiology has not been found of clinical medical order that causes it.

However, the fact of spending more time at home also leads to a sedentary state, logical for the confinement. The decrease in daily activities that go beyond physics also transcend in a negative way.

“Before quarantine begins, people minimally walked to bus stops or went to the warehouse multiple times. But, without realizing it, even these activities were reduced, so that daily life became even more sedentary, “said the kinesiologist.

In addition, he explained that in the case of children, there has been an increase in cases of obesity. Precisely because “to entertain themselves they go to the screens. So, they play the PlayStation, on the computer, with the cell phone or through any device and they spend all day sitting down, when, in reality, the ideal would be for them to practice activities on the move, ”he explained.

While, in the case of adults, it happens that “with weight gain, risk factors for those diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other non-communicable diseases also increase,” he continued.

In this context, physical activity and routine planning are presented as the best measure to adopt.

“The United Nations (UN) recommends between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity daily. So practicing any type of activity at home is very important, ”argued Pacheco.

Following an exercise routine, dancing, practicing yoga or any other discipline that is liked by everyone, is the key to staying in an active and well-being state.

“This strengthens the respiratory and immune systems, maintains physical condition, generates positive effects on mental health, reduces anxiety symptoms, generates endorphins (which improves our mood), and has many other benefits,” he summarized.

But, in addition to staying on the move, planning habits, according to the times and daily life of each one, is also essential.

Caring for sleep times, maintaining a balanced diet, setting and respecting work schedules and spending time on oneself, are some of the recommendations. “Many are working from home. And, being in the comfort of home, they choose to work from bed or on the sofa when in fact it is one of the most damaging postures, “he clarified.

It is important to accommodate a space to work from home. “Although the furniture is not the best, we must try to keep the back upright, sit in a chair that allows the flexibility of the legs, accommodate screens at eye level (so as not to tilt the head and thus avoid pain from neck) and choosing a comfortable chair, among other important issues to avoid discomfort. ”

Also, looking for a time for yourself is an essential factor. “In a situation like the one we live in, it is important to find a space for us, to work introspection, to think of oneself,” said the specialist. “Listening, knowing each other and knowing how we are and what we need is always essential,” he closed.

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-> Recommendations to keep in mind

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  • Maintain a routine

    Planning it helps to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Seek intimacy
    Find a time for yourself, introspection.
  • Stretching
    Stretching exercises avoid muscle stiffness.
  • Take care of the postures
    Legs at a 90 ° angle and back straight.
  • Hours of sleep
    Sleeping too little or spending hours is counterproductive.
  • Physical activity

    It is very important to carry out between 30 and 45 minutes.


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