The twins Turner, Hugo and Ross are a few adventurous britons who have traveled to the unknown on more than one occasion. But beyond satisfying their impetus explorer searching for the limit in each of their expeditions, the brothers, born 31 years ago in Christow, United Kingdom (uk), have tried to share their experiences with medicine and science.

Not in vain, for years collaborating with the Department of twin Research, King’s College London, which analyzes in each of their adventures to various aspects related to their genetic composition, and physical, as the microbiome in the gut, the levels of cortisol or the daily levels of fasting glucose.

But the latest adventure of the twins, Turner has not been such as previous ones. Have not gone through the Atlático rowing, do not have scaled the Mount Elbrus, or have reached one of the poles of inaccessibility of the planet -places that offer a maximum distance or difficulty of access – after weeks or months of effort. His latest challenge has been to compare the vegan diet and an omnivore, fleeing from the subjectivity.

To do this, put in the hands of the researchers from King’s College, who were in charge of analyze along 12 weeks basic metrics of health such as weight, cholesterol levels and muscle mass.

We wanted to completely eliminate the bias and any kind of subjective opinion to rely exclusively on genetics. We can rely on science because we are twins and genetically identical, to be able to compare ourselves in extreme environments,” explains Ross Insider.

In addition to diet, that included the same amount of calories of calories, completed a training resistance training in the gym five to six times a week. At the end of the 12-week program, they noticed some big differences in terms of muscle gains, fat loss and digestive health.

Hugo Turner (vegan diet) vs. Ross Turner (omnivorous diet)

  • Before you start the diet program and traininga typical day for the twins included toast or porridge for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and some version of chicken, vegetables or pasta for dinner. The weight of both hovered around 84 kilos.
  • With the vegan diet: Hugo lost 1 kg of fat and gained 1.2 kg of muscle mass. In the same way, your cholesterol levels have decreased. The twin ‘vegan’ changed the protein of animal origin is a common which contains tofu, tempeh (fermented soy) and jaca.
  • With the omnivorous diet: Ross gained 2.8 kg of fat and 4 kg of muscle mass while your cholesterol levels are kept in their normal parameters. Their diet was more varied than usual, and extremely balanced in terms of macronutrients, with a variety of chicken, fish, red meat, vegetables, dairy and grains.
  • As a result of the experiment, your intestinal microbiomathe populations of beneficial bacteria that live in the human digestive system, it also changed after analyzing the fecal samples analyzed before and after the experiment.
  • In the case of Hugo Turner, with vegan diet, the changes potentially improved resistance to some forms of chronic diseasesaccording to the analysis, reducing their risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • However, both brothers saw diminished microbial diversity, which is related with a lower resistance against some types of chronic diseases, such as Crohn’s disease.
  • Although the microbiome Ross changed slightly, they remained much more consistent than that of his brother Hugo.
  • The twins Turner are aware of the limitations of a study of only 12 weeks so that in the future, pose to carry out the same experiment with a minimum of six months duration, ideally of a year of duration.

What seems to be clear after the results that have been obtained is that the Turner pose to incorporate more options vegan to your diet. “A reality that emerges from this study is that we do not eat a sufficient variety of foods. Often, simply disfrazamos the same foods in different ways,” explains Hugo.

Meat eaters tend to be reluctant to try vegan foodsand I hope that the omnivores to expand their range of foods, as many salt substitutes plant-based, such as hamburgers vegan are similar in flavor and texture to the classic. Yes, I recommend to start slowly introducing some snack,” adds Ross.

Diet and the winner is…

And if someone asks what is the main conclusion you have come to the adventurers is that their diet ótima is a mixture of the two. “A vegan diet has benefits, but also eat meat. I don’t think you can state categorically that one diet is better than the other. We combine both, trying to increase the days without meat and adding more vegan foods into our diet, by eating better quality meat and less of it. It is take advantage of the best offer both worlds“, zanjan twins Turner.

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