Picardo wins the closest elections in the history of Gibraltar

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The liberal alliance GSLPcon Fabian Picardo At the helm, they have achieved the fourth electoral victory in Gibraltar and will continue to govern for the coming years. They do so after the most close elections in the history of the Rock. There will be nine ministers and eight seats for the opposition, GSD, led by Keith Azopardi. A composition that had never been produced until now.

Not in vain, the number one of the liberal party, Joseph García, has obtained more votes than the leader than Picardo himself, although he will be the one who continues to occupy the office located at number 6 Convent Place, headquarters of the Executive.

The GBC, public television, announced an exit poll, around ten at night when the polling stations closed, in which Azopardi won by a narrow margin. Finally, this result was not confirmed, but the existing equality was. Since the winners obtained 50% of the votes, the GSD 48.2 and the rest was left for the independent Robert Vasquez who does not enter the Chamber. Participation was 18,694 people out of a census of 25,200, which represents 74.18% of the electorate, four points above what happened in 2019.

It should be remembered that Picardo He has already announced that he will not appear again and has even appointed Gemma Arias-Vasquez, a lawyer, as the future successor. Although beyond the victory, the chief minister will have to analyze the loss of confidence of the citizens, he has not been the most voted in open lists, and he has the main challenge of closing the post-Brexit agreement to know the relationship that, finally , will maintain the Rock with Spain and especially with the Campo de Gibraltar.

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