Picking up the prospective wife for a wedding blessing, this man was shocked half to death after kissing the forehead and opening the veil of his beloved woman, why?


The groom was surprised after kissing his wife’s forehead.

Grid.ID Reporter Annisa Marifah

Grid.IDWedding Of course, it becomes one of the most important phases of life.

Wedding is usually done with an atmosphere of intimacy and solemnity, but otherwise with wedding this man.

Reported Grid.ID from Eva.vn on Friday (21/1/2022), wedding yang digelar di Jiaxing, Zhenjiang, China this is suddenly viral.

It is known that to create an event wedding this becomes fun, the family arranges jokes to prank bride Men.

In wedding which was just held on January 19, 2022, bride a man picks up his future wife for a blessing wedding.

After going through a small challenge, this man was able to pick up the future wife.

In the video, it looks like future wife wearing traditional clothes wedding China coloured Red.

Candidate’s face bride covered with a fiery red veil when bride the man arrived at his future wife’s room.

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Seeing his future wife, this man was overjoyed and immediately approached the woman he loved and kissed her forehead.

But, suddenly this man realized there was something odd about the figure of his future wife, he immediately opened his wife’s veil.

How surprised this man was when he found out that the figure in front of him was not his future wife.

This man got away to the corner of the room and covered his face while laughing out loud.

Unexpectedly, the figure behind the red veil is the future father-in-law of the man, aka the father of the prospective bride.

The groom was surprised after kissing his wife's forehead.


The groom was surprised after kissing his wife’s forehead.

The mother-in-law is considered funny.


The mother-in-law is considered funny.

This father-in-law’s humor clearly made everyone in the room laugh.

Citizens did not miss commenting on this upload.

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The groom will definitely remember this day forever, it’s so cute, “commented the citizen.

I wonder how his father-in-law feels when he is kissed by his son-in-law, haha,” wrote netizens.

The father who makes everyone laugh every day wedding her daughter must really love her son, “wrote the citizen.

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