Pictures – Model Rose grabs the attention with her look from the forest and her dress, which is the audience’s talk

Model Rose shows off her grace from the woods and sparks controversy with her dress

The Saudi model, Model Rose, appeared on the audience with a set of new photos, which she documented from her latest photo session, and caught the audience’s attention with her grace.

Rose looked very elegant, as she underwent a photo session in the woods, and chose for her appearance a sophisticated white dress that was distinguished by its unique cut. It also sparked controversy because of its opening, which some described as bold.

Rose commented on the same post and said, “By tuning myself to the natural rhythms of the forest, I’m rediscovering a sense of renewed connection. ‘azulikohmay’ is a forest oasis of art and peace. Absolutely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.”

The Saudi model, Model Rose, shone with her unique looks on the background of her presence at the 95th Academy Awards, which was organized by the American Academy of Image Sciences and Arts to celebrate the best cinematic works that were produced during the past year. A large number of fashion stars and showrunners, including Model Rose, participated in the ceremony.

The Saudi model chose an elegant dress that was distinguished by its unique cut, in addition to very elegant high-heeled shoes. From an aesthetic point of view, she left her short hair loose on her shoulders, and applied soft makeup befitting her look.

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