Piedmont: what changes in access to third doses of the vaccine

With the opening to all, without age categories, to the third dose provided for by the National Plan, the Piedmont Region, with its Crisis Unit, has re-updated the procedures for accessing vaccination centers. The objective of the Region is to guarantee maximum and fastest vaccination coverage to the most fragile people, by age and health conditions, and at the same time to give immediate access to those who have the green pass expiring in the next 72 hours.

Therefore, from 1 December, citizens who have reached the 150th day from the conclusion of the vaccination cycle (second dose or single dose in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), nThey will no longer be able to choose on the portal www.ilpiemontetivaccina.it place and day of vaccination, but they will receive a message on their mobile phone with which they will be summoned for the third dose, with the place, day and time already set. However, citizens will be able to access the portal and change the day or time of appointment. Furthermore, despite the convocation message, they will still be able to go to their doctor, if vaccinator, or to the pharmacy, and get vaccinated there. The system will automatically cancel the appointment given by the Region.

Taking charge by the Region eland convocation will naturally respect some priorities: the state of health of the vaccinated and the age. In practice, the vaccination date will be shorter for a 70-year-old citizen or a caregiver than for a 25-year-old boy. However, everyone, even eighteen-year-olds, will be summoned within 4 months following the 150th day from the conclusion of the vaccination cycle (2nd dose o dose unica se J&J).

Furthermore, people who are required to vaccinate or who have the green pass expiring in the next 72 hours, they will receive the notice in good time, but however, they will be able to go to the vaccination centers without reservation, where they will be guaranteed vaccination.

During a videoconference, the President of the Region, Alberto Cirio, also announced that vaccination hubs will be strengthened in the coming days, so as to guarantee up to 35 thousand vaccinations per day.

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