Pierre Hurmic not in favor of compulsory vaccination

Sunday morning media for Pierre Hurmic. The mayor of Bordeaux was the guest of France Info from 8:30 am to 9 am. A niche during which he was able to focus on the management of the health crisis in the Gironde prefecture.

Pierre Hurmic notably recalled that he was in favor of reopening all shops “as soon as possible” and ending the distinction between essential and non-essential shops: “we are ready to organize the conditions on the ground. the reopening of businesses in order to avoid crowds, ”he said, focusing on the forthcoming implementation of pedestrian traffic directions in rue Sainte-Catherine.

Unlike MEP EELV Yannick Jadot, Pierre Hurmic said he was not in favor of the compulsory nature of a vaccination campaign against Covid, preferring to trust the good citizenship of the French in the matter. He said he was ready to “provide the State with premises to store vaccines and ensure the vaccination campaign.”

The mayor of Bordeaux, on the other hand, was critical of the state, which would reduce local communities to providing “after-sales service for measures decided at national level”.

Pierre Hurmic also spoke about the creation of the offense of ecocide by the government (“it is time for the government to give pledges to follow the recommendations of the Citizens’ Convention”). He also estimated that an environmental candidate could win in the presidential election of 2022. But for the nomination of the candidate, the mayor of Bordeaux thinks that time must be given to time and consultation.

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