Piers Morgan blasts Trump "without spin" on US arms reform


The controversial British commentator Piers Morgan has targeted Donald Trump after his speech to the two deadly mass shootings that took place in the United States last weekend.

Morgan blew up the president of the United States for his lack of action on gun control in a Daily mail article titled "Making America crying again – Do you have the courage to stand up to the bullies of the NRA and ban weapons of mass murder, Mr. President, or are you a coward without thrusts?"

During his ten-minute speech at the White House, Trump yesterday condemned the two shooters as "mentally ill monsters" and demanded the death penalty for those committing mass shootings.

His address came in the wake of the latest mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, which saw 30 people killed and dozens of other injuries killed.

In his article, Morgan slams Mr. Trump for not talking about guns, describing him as "the only thing that actually caused deaths and injuries" in these two attacks.

"Oh, he mentioned them, but only to absolve them of any responsibility," Morgan wrote.

Along with mental illness, the President also cited video games as the cause of mass shootings like this, but he refused to talk about curbing the sale of assault style weapons like those used in these attacks.

"Mental illness and hatred press the trigger, not the gun," Trump said.

Morgan agreed that although this is true to some extent, it is the guns and their bullets that actually kill people.

"If the mentally ill or hateful people don't have guns, they can't shoot people," the British commentator wrote.

"Many other countries have the same kind of mental illness, hatred, fanaticism, white supremacy, violent video games, and Internet radicalization that Trump referred to.

"But only America offers such easy access to guns.

"THIS is the difference, and that is why America has more violence and deaths per gun than the next 23 developed countries combined."

Morgan also questioned why military-grade assault rifles must also be available to the public.

He said his brother, who is a colonel in the British army, told him that the sole purpose of such guns was to "kill a lot of human beings as quickly as possible".

"Yes, which is why they were used in almost all 20 of the worst American arms massacres," he wrote. "Yet they are still legal."

A few hours before his speech at the White House yesterday, Trump made a vague reference to the possible introduction of strong basic controls for arms purchases, adding that the legislation could join "a desperately immigration reform necessary. "

"But when he arrived on the podium at the White House three hours later, he did not even mention this small but significant new firearms bill, despite being one that not only 90% of Americans support, but also the vast majority of Republicans, "said Morgan.

"I suspect he was bullied into dropping him from the NRA, which still has Trump in his pocket after supporting him in the 2016 election, when they read his tweet.

"If so, then it's hard to imagine anything more without spin."

He argued that the president of the United States was letting himself be guided by "maniac armed with weapons".

Morgan ended the article by telling the president to "grow a couple" and to oppose the NRA.

"You banned the bump fire stock after the Las Vegas massacre. Now you have to go much further, "he wrote.

"This means a ban on assault weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines and the introduction of mandatory basic checks on all arms purchases.

"Do it now or remain condemned as a coward."



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