Piers Morgan collides with the director of Dr. Michael Jackson in which he questions the statements of paedo


Piers Morgan clashed with the director of an explosive new documentary by Michael Jackson on today's Good Morning Britain.

Lealand director Lealand Neverland has remained faithful to the allegations of sexual abuse against Jackson in the two-part documentary, which begins tonight on Channel 4.

The film focuses on the claims of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck who were abused by the child singer.

Dan explained that there were eyewitness accounts, statements from the Neverland staff that corroborated the allegations.

However, the GMB Piers host questioned the reasons behind the accusers who spoke and insisted that "they are trying to get money".

Piers Morgan had a lively exchange with documentary filmmaker Jacko

Dan Reed has kept faith with the accusations made in his documentary

Piers claimed that Jackson had been acquitted and other boys, like Corey Feldman and Macaulay Culkin, stood by the King of Pop.

He said: "This is a huge payday for anyone who can determine that it's a movie." I do not know the truth, I'm interrogating you as a director. "

Dan insisted that they had not made allegations against the Jackson family, only Michael himself, and had put his refutations.

Dan confirmed that he believed the victims were 100%

He said, "Why should not we believe it? … You're swallowing Michael Jackson's hook, line and platinum.This is not money, they're suing for justice, as you know you've won in a civil suit.

"They want justice, they do not care about money, I do not know what they would do with the money when they get them, they have the right to use the court to keep Jackson's estate [to account].

"Their argument is that all these people who worked with Jackson watched from the other side while being raped."

Piers questioned the reasons behind the allegations

Dan continued: "Wade Robson and James Safechuck are not dead … To talk about concrete evidence, dirty underwear 20 years later, I'm sorry it's … In cases of pedophilia, if this was tried in a court it would be up the proof of these two very credible witnesses. "

When the director pointed out that Robson and Safechuck were not dead, Piers replied: "No, but the person you're accusing is".

The presenter said the allegations were having a "catastrophic effect" on Jackson's reputation and his family.

Michael Jackson is facing accusations of sexual abuse

When he said the alleged victims were trying to get justice through the courts, Piers added: "And hundreds of millions of dollars".

According to the charges, the two men after a financial payment, Dan said: "They are trying to get justice through the courts, which is a normal thing to do." Michael is unfortunately not alive, because if he were, I think there would have been a criminal trial ".

Dan said: "The thing you need to understand about the child's sexual abuse is a strong link between the child and the predator that can last for many years, which happened in this case."

The victims speak in the documentary Leaving Neverland

Piers asked if the director was "100% sure" if the word of the two prosecutors was sufficient to show that Jackson was a pedophile.

He said: "It's all very strange and strange and it makes me feel uncomfortable, I'm not so sure as you that Jackson proved to be a pedophile and I'm worried about the credibility of the two people you have so much rely on the heart."

Dan said he believed that their reports and "inventing a whole" charade "of family devastation would be" beggars beliefs ".

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