Pilar Alegría, doubly reinforced as spokesperson for the Government and with Sports in the post-Rubiales era

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The until now Minister of Education and Vocational Training and spokesperson for the PSOE, Pilar Alegría, is doubly reinforced in the remodeling announced this Monday. It will also be the new government spokespersonreplacing Isabel Rodriguezand will add the functions of Sportsa wallet that is separated from Culture and that in recent times she has been involved in the scandal of the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso.

Education and Sports They have gone hand in hand in other legislatures. It is also not new that a Minister of Education is also a spokesperson for the Government. They were the bad oneIsabel Celaá and the popular Íñigo Méndez de Vigo. In both cases, education lost out because both concentrated too much on La Moncloa and left schoolwork relegated.

Sports will be a key portfolio this legislature because the Government has to get the Soccer World Cup What will be celebrated in 2030organized by Spain together with Portugal y Morocco, which, in addition to a sporting aspect, has diplomatic significance and economic interests.

The sporting challenges for Happiness They begin to close the crisis of the Spanish Football Federation as a result of the Rubiales case. The election of a new president is key, and there is expectation among the candidates to know if the Executive, decisive in its position as a result of the kiss with Jenni Hermoso and the pact with the women’s team, is going to position itself. Sectors close to the Government advocated looking for a woman, similar to basketball, but the position of the territorial presidents is still decisive due to the election system, despite the changes promoted in the electoral system by Victor Francos. Knowing whether the minister is committed to her continuity in the Secretary of State for Sports is another of the unknowns. Francos, affiliated with the PSC, is a man trusted by Miquel Iceta.

The changes in the Federation will not end the football war. With Rubiales out of circulation, it will continue with Florentino Perez y Javier Tebas confronted. Conflict is harmful to the interests of Spanish football and its industry. The ability to mediate for the Government would be desirable for the rest of the football players, fed up with this war.

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