Pilot project: a breast milk bank in Sherbrooke | Sherbrooke | News | The gallery

PTo participate in the Public Breast Milk Bank, mothers in the Eastern Townships who are breastfeeding or have surplus milk must first register on the Héma-Québec website and demonstrate that they are healthy and do not smoke. These women must also reside within an hour’s drive from the drop-off point located on rue King Ouest, in Sherbrooke.
Mothers who meet the qualification criteria will have to collect their milk at home in the bottles provided by Héma-Québec, freeze it and transport it to the drop-off point.
The mandate of the Public Breast Milk Bank is to provide pasteurized human milk to premature infants 32 weeks and less requiring medical care and whose mothers cannot breastfeed.
Milk from this bank reduces the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, a severe bowel disease, by an average of 3.3 times. In addition, premature babies reach a satisfactory weight more easily, are less prone to infections and to be hospitalized again when fed with milk from the bank.

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