Pilu, this woman died in husband’s lap after 30 minutes of marriage, had the last message

SERAMBINEWS.COM – A woman died 30 minutes after marry.

What was originally a happy marriage turned sad.

Launching from the Middle East, this young woman who is still 20 years old named Nadia Taha, comes from the village of Al-Raydah, Egypt.

He is a student at the Institute of Religion in Al-Azhar Al Sharif.

In addition to being known as a memorizer of the Qur’an, Nadia Taha is also persistent in performing prayers on time.

About 7 days ago, on November 20, 2021, the Middle East news portal reported about Nadia’s death.

The young girl is known to have held a wedding with her husband in Minya, the capital of Al-Minya, south of Cairo, Egypt.

Nadia was so happy on her wedding day.

Nadia Taha dies 30 minutes after marriage (Middle East)

How could he not, the big day he had been waiting for after 3 years of being engaged to his lover.

But God’s destiny came the opposite way from Nadia’s wish.

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