Piñata and Squid Game cake are created in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

Reynosa /

During the last days social networks have exploded due to the premiere of the Netflix series, “The Squid game“and the well-known Piñateria Ramírez wasted no time and created a piñata with this peculiar theme.

The Squid Game is a fairly recent popular series on the plataforma de streaming Netflix where a large group of people with needs economic Play a series of deadly “games” to win a specified amount of money.

The story is inspired by the comics that the director saw as a child and despite the fact that the name if it belongs to a real game is not based on real events as had been speculated by social networks.

Piñateria Ramírez is already well known for creating piñatas of famous or popular people such as Laura Bozzo, Andra Escamilla better known as “Mate” and even from “The boy of the oxxo“And now they ventured out with this creation of the doll that appears in the series. And they added the legend” Piñata and cake from “The Squid Game …thematic for those who owe to c0pel and electra “.


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