Piñera and rescue of miners: “Those days showed the best of the Chilean people”

He President Piñera headed this Tuesday in La Moneda the commemoration ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the rescue of the 33 miners from the San José Mine, in which he was accompanied by some of them.

The collapse in the mine, located in the Atacama Region, It happened on August 5, 2010, during the first government of the current President, and after 15 days of drilling with a probe, the rescue teams managed to make contact with the miners, The 33 were rescued on October 13 of that year, in a capsule specially made for the occasion, the Phoenix 2, in a case that attracted worldwide attention.

“Those 69 days filled us with pride and showed the best of the Chilean people. But those 69 days also left us great lessons, which are more necessary and useful today than ever. The value of life and human dignity, as the most valuable thing we have. The value of unity, faith, the will to persevere and maintain hope, even if it seems that we have everything against it, ”said the Head of State.

Piñera added that “Today, when pain, challenges and adversity cross our path again, it is good to remember what it means to bring back to our memory and to our hearts the values ​​and attitudes that make us feel proud of what the miners in the depths of the mine. We must also remember and learn from the lessons of the ‘miracle’ of the San José Mine to face with the same will, faith, unity, strength and hope the great challenges that the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic recession have placed in our way ” .

Mario sepulveda thanked on the occasion “Because of the decisions that were made, because we know that behind every decision that is made, there are others who have an opinion. You promised to get us out and you did. “

In turn, Luis Urzúa sent a message via zoom from Copiapó, stating that “10 years ago we were trapped, but you, our families and the Chilean people had the courage to seek all the resources to rescue us. We were 33 miners whose light was turning off day by day, but underground we worked as a team, the 33 joined us, we accompanied each other ”.

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