Piñera announces agreements with laboratories for 32.4 million doses of vaccine against covid-19 | National

On Tuesday afternoon, from the Palacio de La Moneda, President Sebastián Piñera announced that until this day the Government of Chile has concluded talks and agreements with international organizations and laboratories for a total of 32.4 million doses of vaccines against the new coronavirus.

The first detailed agreement by the Governor was the one that, together with the Ministry of Health and Foreign Relations, signed, with the initiative Covax for eight million doses “Of the vaccine that we choose, with the validation of the World Health Organization”.

This “allows us to accelerate development and have more and better options, alternatives and greater speed and certainty of access to a vaccine that is safe and effective,” he commented.

The second deal resulted from negotiations with the laboratory PfizerBioNtech of the United States and Germany, which will offer 10 million doses – prior FDA approval – with a delivery schedule that will start from the beginning of 2021 if all goes well.

In the third arrangement, in which the Government has already expressed its intention and made reservations, Chile will agree to 14.4 million doses of the vaccine being developed by the laboratory AstraZeneca in conjunction with the University of Oxford.

Piñera and the Minister of Science go to the press office in the Los Cañones patio. Sebastián Beltrán Gaete | UNO Agency

Vaccination process

From the Government House, and before the press, Piñera reiterated that once a “safe and effective” vaccine is available, the Executive will establish priorities in vaccination processes.

“That’s why in the first place we are going to vaccinate the most vulnerable population, most at risk, five million Chileans, more than a quarter of the population, “he said.

That group includes, according to the President, the health workers, adults over 65, the chronically ill and people in “closed centers”.

After delivering the details of the Government’s plans, Piñera recalled that the coronavirus “goes on and on with us for a period that we do not know ”.

In that line he called not to lower his guard and reiterated the call to be “rigorous and responsible in the care of our health, that of our loved ones and that of our community ”.

However, he also highlighted how difficult this period has been for national life and the economy, for which he once again supported his idea of ​​making sanitary measures more flexible for National Holidays and “highlighted” the behavior of the population on the national anniversary. .

“All these actions and initiatives developed by our Government will continue to be developed with a single objective: to protect the health and life of our citizens, through a timely, safe and effective vaccination process, which we will try to reach more than 80% of the Chilean population “, Hill.



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