World Piñera calls for modernizing the UN so that it...

Piñera calls for modernizing the UN so that it does not end as the “League of Nations” | National

President Sebastián Piñera participated this Monday via telematics in the 75th anniversary of the UN, hmaking a call to modernize the organization, so that it is “better prepared” for new challenges.

Piñera indicated that “we are all responsible for modernizing the United Nations so that it is better prepared to face new challenges.”

According to the Chilean president, the organization must have the capacity to prevent international crises and strengthen institutions, to “generate greater democratic resilience, capable of surviving threats such as those that affect many countries in the world,” he said.

Warning that “It could end like the League of Nations, which was a sad symbol of a past that is long gone.”

Finally, he also called for a reform of the Security Council, whose main members are the world powers with veto power, so that there is a greater representation of other continents: “Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

Shared values

Through a speech that lasted almost five minutes, Piñera sent a message for the anniversary of the UN, stating that “we share as an international community they must guide and illuminate our actions.”

“The peoples must not only be united by free trade, it is the preservation of peace, security and respect for fundamental values ​​that led to the formation of the United Nations, based on freedom, respect for Human Rights, the peaceful solution of controversies, tolerance and solidarity and commitment to peace ”, he added.



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