World "Piñera seeks to normalize, without shame, an intervention to...

“Piñera seeks to normalize, without shame, an intervention to Parliament” – Radio Nuevo Mundo

The general secretary of the Communist Party, Lautaro Carmona, criticized that the President of the Republic intends to interfere in the legislative work, calling for a group of experts to help him refine the criteria that determine the admissibility or inadmissibility of bills presented in Congress.

In his diagnosis, what Sebastián Piñera does with these announcements is to assume that as a super millionaire, he may also have other powers of the State, going beyond democracy.

Lautaro Carmona affirmed that Piñera’s summons to an extra-parliamentary commission is part of an onslaught by the ruling party and the right against the legislative power, initiated with the search to reduce the number of parliamentarians.

The general secretary of the PC repudiated that the president seeks to intervene in the operation of the National Congress, because a majority of the opposition seeks to approve social projects in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic in the world.

Finally, Lautaro Carmona accused Sebastián Piñera of having no shame in wanting to normalize an intervention of these characteristics to the legislative power, going on to lead the deliberation of a state power.



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