Piñera’s message one year after 18-O remains uncertain – En Cancha

In the uncertainty as to when and how the first anniversary of the social outbreak the speech that would be preparing the President Sebastian Pinera to make reference of how your government assumed the demands of the country after the demonstrations and acts of violence that shook the country.

During this week the ministers have been consulted about it and the response was initially conditional and estimated for before the October 18, even this Saturday, it was similar, when the Interior Minister, Víctor Pérez, He referred to the subject said that “Has not set an exact date” and He admitted that this will be a complex weekend.

It has also been speculated that the President’s idea would be to deliver a balance of the demands collected from the social movement, listing the actions and bills derived from it, even, the one that the country will live next Sunday, October 25 with the Constitutional plebiscite.

Also, it would address the modifications that the Executive is working to modernize Carabineros procedures in all areas, mainly in relation to maintenance of public order and the application of force to prevent human rights violations.

According T13, in La Moneda affirm that the idea of ​​the President’s message is that it serves to “decompress” the environment and not to intensify it. Anyway, the same sources say that the only thing resolved is that a balance will be made, but they are still fine-tuning the details.

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