Pink will give away 2,000 banned books at her concerts in Miami

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Singer Pink will carry out a joint action with the PEN América association, which defends literary freedom and expression. Thus, he will give away 2,000 books banned in Florida at the concerts he has planned in Miami this week.

“I am a voracious reader and I am the mother of two children who are also a voracious reader,” said the singer in an Instagram live broadcast reported by CNN. “I can’t imagine my own parents telling me what my kids can and can’t read, much less someone who doesn’t even have kids telling me what mine can read,” she added.

Some of the artist’s fans who attend her concerts will receive titles such as ‘The Family Book’, by Todd Parr, ‘The Hill we climb’, by Amanda Gorman, ‘Beloved’, by Toni Morrison or one of the books from the series ‘Girls who code’, according to CNN. With this action she wants to show her rejection of the growing ban on titles in Florida.

The executive director of PEN America, Suzanne Nossel, has criticized that “pure censorship” is taking place.

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