Pioli has no faults. Romagnoli and Calhanoglu think about playing better, not about the contract. More space for Tomori, Diaz and Hauge

As it was easy to foresee, after being exalted by everyone, Pioli suddenly became one of the responsible, or even the main responsible, of the collapse of Milan. And if by damned hypothesis, as the former President of the Republic Pertini said, the Rossoneri still slide in the standings, the future of the coach would certainly be questioned, because that’s how football in Italy goes. In reality, starting with the acclaimed Guardiola who hasn’t reached the Champions League final away from Barcelona, ​​neither with Bayern Munich nor with Manchester City, the coaches win if they have good or rather great players. So, before accusing Pioli of not having changed the game system to face Inter, or of not having accelerated the substitutions, one should blame the many Rossoneri who once again betrayed the expectations of the coach and consequently of the fans . Because even if Pioli had inserted an extra midfielder by modifying the tried and tested 4-2-3-1, or if he had inserted Leao first, Lukaku would have continued to sow Romagnoli and Calhanoglu would have continued to run in circles. They are the captain and the Turk, in fact, in their respective roles as central defender and attacking midfielder, the base and the top of the team behind Ibrahimovic. For too many games, however, well before the cyclone Lukaku, Romagnoli is disappointing and it is no coincidence that in the national team he makes the reserve of Acerbi. While Calhanoglu seems more and more the symbol of an overrated team, because as soon as the level rises he disappears, proving to be a good player but not a champion. And then, thinking of their respective contracts, the requests of their attorney Raiola appear increasingly disproportionate. Romagnoli and Calhanoglu have the duty to think only of playing, obviously better, without making requests for increases, because in the perspective Maldini and Massara can find suitable alternatives. weeks and in this sense it is right to give space to Tomori at the center of the defense, in place of Kjaer for the first time who appeared in difficulty, if not by Romagnoli himself. And in addition to the former Chelsea defender who turned out to be the best signing of the winter session, waiting to understand when the rusty Mandzukic will be really ready, it is worth relaunching Diaz, who has never disfigured as deputy Calhanoglu, and Hauge who had to be used mainly in the league, given that surprisingly he was excluded from the Uefa list for the Europa League. If young people are good, as everyone said when things were going well, they have to play. Because otherwise it means that they are not up to par and then all the talk about the goodness of the purchasing campaign should be revised. There is no shortage of opportunities, because Milan have the duty to move forward in the Europa League and the right to return to the Champions League, without wasting what they have done so far, even in the derby they won in the first leg. When no one asked Pioli to change a team applauded by all.

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