Piotr Stramowski DATES a new lover, sparing her tenderness: dinner in a burger joint, a romantic walk and a coffee to go (PHOTOS)

Piotr Stramowski for several years he was associated with Katarzyna Warnkewith whom he had a daughter, Helena. After numerous rumors and media reports, the couple decided to issue a joint statement, informing that they are no longer together. Recently, we were able to determine that the actor’s heart is already occupied. It turned out that his chosen one is a blonde with whom he was photographed by the paparazzi when he was tasting a kebab. The actor does not really hide his new lover, because some time ago he decided to advertise a woman’s business on his Instagram and tagged her profile in an online relationship.

Stramowski’s new lover is a certain Natalia, who until recently dealt with stage design. The woman worked, among others, on the film “Fighter”, in which Stramowski also played. Now Natalia advertises herself as a neuromentor and specialist in the field of “neurowellness” and “neuromagic”.

Recently, the paparazzi again photographed the actor in the company of his beloved blonde on a joint walk and lunch. First, Piotr appeared at Warnke’s house to take his daughter to kindergarten, and then went with his new partner for lunch to a burger joint in Mokotów. You can see that the couple feels great in each other’s company, because even while waiting for the meal, they did not spare themselves tenderness. After leaving the restaurant, they went for a romantic walk, which was slightly disturbed by the actor’s phone, which Stramowski looked at every now and then. Fortunately, Piotr finally hid the device in his pocket and could fully enjoy Natalia’s company.

The lovers also did not refuse a cup of coffee in the open air, and while waiting for the “energy drink” they chatted. After receiving drinks, they continued their walk around Warsaw. Romantic?

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