‘Pip-Rawit Therduang’ art never dies because it is in people’s lives

Pip-Rawit Therdwong Actor with many works Both movies and plays Extremely famous from the role of Director Janepop In the drama Rang Ngao (2015), he is also a teacher at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. Dhurakij Pundit University

graduated with a bachelor’s degree Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Chulalongkorn University and Certificate Visual Arts and Design, Hawke’s Bay Polytechnic, New Zealand

Marital Status: Formerly married and divorced from Dr. Darika Lattapipat, having 2 children, a son named Thonthan, a daughter named Peppin.

During his time as an actor also worked on art and exhibited Then left the acting job. Turned to focus on the business fully. Haven’t touched art again for 20 years. As of today, he’s back to work on art again. and exhibited in the past 3 years

Cr. Friday Pamorn Heng Prachakorn

Most recently, on November 18, 2022 in Phuket, we met Pip-Rawit as an artist to exhibit at the event. ‘Creating art in the Andaman region’

“Right now I only paint, I don’t do anything. First show in 2021, second in September 2022 with 333 galleries at Warehouse 30.

I came back to make art again by accident. After leaving 20 years ago because he turned to do other things

Until I was at the point where I retired. I was comfortable. I didn’t have to struggle. This is not a secret. But I don’t want to tell

in part of the show Someone contacted me to play a character who was the same age as me. but i don’t play anymore I paint only I’ve talked to the gallery. agreed that will no longer be famous in the drama.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Friday Pamorn Heng Prachakorn

  • What is the attraction that makes you interested in art?

“I have been studying since I was a child. Thai Fine Arts During the year 1984-86 Then came to study at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University for 4 years. I have always been interested in art.

At the age of 20, if I had to choose if I wanted to be an artist like Van Gogh. or as famous as Picasso With being a hero, being a model, what goes faster? I went to have fun right away. Had a dream of becoming an artist since childhood. But something else came first.

arrived at a point I don’t have to struggle anymore. Three years ago, I bought a condo and wanted a picture on the wall. I’m friends with a lot of artists. trying to buy

But it didn’t find a picture size of 1.2 meters and didn’t find a favorite, so I thought it wasn’t difficult. Go buy a frame and paint it yourself. It turns out that it’s not as easy as you think. because I haven’t left in a long time

So build yourself to enter. Now that’s enough. It’s not just a picture on the house. Hundreds of photos have come out, the first set of more than 50 photos has been exhibited in the year 2021 quite successfully.

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Friday Pamorn Heng Prachakorn

in spite of the severe COVID-19 epidemic The second time in 2022, 40 photos can be sold. The gallery owner and I are very happy.

Two years have passed, I’m sure it’s here. is what we will do in the rest of our lives which the owner of 333 gallery that I belong to is not normal

Exhibiting abroad as well. I’m comfortable. I have a lot of energy. Because he is a person who is obsessed with doing things, making him develop and produce a lot of work.

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You can go see my work on Facebook 333 Gallery, pictures taken to show in Phuket. It’s a picture drawn in the year 2021 series by 333 Gallery, divided to exhibit for charity.

It is an event that an artist friend invites to perform. Their work seems familiar. They are women, flowers, images, but my work is abstract.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Friday Pamorn Heng Prachakorn

  • During this time, the art circle has expanded more. There are more galleries, what do you think?

“I think the market goes this way. so it responds Not just Thailand Going abroad, he doesn’t know Rawit. The name Rawit can’t help you anymore. So what does Rawit have to do to fight him? It has to have a concept, have an idea, have an exhibition.”

  • Have you produced artwork in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

“I just do it whenever I want. we like to smell oil paint or acrylic Or what color is used? If it’s NFT, it can’t smell the color. But it’s a workpiece that can be rubbed by hand, touching the texture, NFT can’t

NFT is cool in that it runs numbers. Then this number is yours. And then it’s based on the price, speculating, so it goes up and down.

But the piece of art is not based on anything. It’s based on personal preferences. It goes up and down. What do you care about?

I went through an era where people said the art of painting these it’s old It will die He now has an art installation. (Installation) Happening Art, what is it? 108

Why art doesn’t die, do you know? Because when you buy a house, buy a condo, or a hospital, hotel, do you have to put a painting in the room? And how many rooms are there? Can NFT do it? No, because art is in people’s lives.

Not just the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room as well. depending on the owner of the place or area Whose work or genre will you take and put it in his life?

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. 333 Gallery

  • Are solo shows in 2021 and 2022 the same way?

“There’s a lot of difference. Different with abstract content (abstract), not based on known shapes If you know about it, it’s assuming, assuming that this is an electric pole. This is the road, it’s the animals, it’s the people.

It is a building, a tree, a garden, or a sea, but abstract is pure form. There is no need to make any assumptions. People who make abstracts don’t have to know what it is.

When creating work, we use pure feelings and use our hearts. The eyes and the heart are different parts, the abstract means using the mind, the abstract. I looked at this picture and I was like, that’s right.

But if you’re still behind is a third world country You will only pay for images that look familiar.

But the civilized country He was willing to pay a high price. to abstract images No need to know The most expensive picture in the world right now is abstract picture”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Kanok Shokjaratkul, Women and Andaman Exhibition at Central Department Store, Phuket Province

  • If someone wants to do some painting work like this what to do

“Everybody can do it. Start catching that. How do you feel, for example, are you in this room? you are in this area you are in this garden how do you feel What color did you use for that building? How do you use shape instead of that feeling?

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How do you use image size instead of feeling? You convey it honestly. and then be honest with your feelings But if you are less skilled It won’t be straight.”

  • Do you have to go to school?

“You don’t have to study by yourself. Like Tiger Woods playing golf 5 hours a day, why is it the most hole-in-one in the world? for he beats for hours a day, every day ten thousand hours or more.

Ask if you have to go to school Do you do ten thousand hours? You are definitely better than everyone in the country.

Success is rehearsal As for its popularity, it goes back and forth. it’s not dead It might lock in this popularity for five years, ten years, and then change.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Kanok Shokjaratkul, works of art in the Andaman area, province. Phuket

after returning to art work again Has development changed?

“We use feelings We want to change, we change, we don’t want to change. we don’t change not based on trading We do both online and book catalogs.

You can go to 333 Gallery and ask. What are the Beep’s works? Show pictures. They’ve done 3D. Unlike the previous era, you can go and see which pictures have already been sold. Which picture is still there?”

  • When do most drawing ideas come about?

“I’m now working full-time in drawing. If you don’t feel like doing it Go outside and come to Phuket sometimes, like the ‘Creating Arts in the Andaman Region’ event for charity. I saw a lot of artists. I would like to know Want to mingle with the artist, let’s get to know each other

We are old this mortar. Go see the Museum Went to see world-class works for not many times. Both New York, Paris, London in a lot of life. Went to see and caught the observation point, the standards were all seen, leaving only the critics.

  • Want to be an art critic?

“Truth, criticism, that’s all. Honestly, you can’t fight it yourself. When you criticize, say something. But a lot of people have criticized it. In the past, now we can do better. And we proved it from what we did.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Kanok Shokjaratkul, works of art in the Andaman area, province. Phuket

  • art work What is the goal?

“We put it as a matter of investment. Like a gallery owner invests in me, has a studio for me, I invest in the materials that are produced.

Next year may fly abroad. Go to the show and see the work These are all investments. It’s a matter of professionalism. that must be possible”

  • What are your views on art in Thailand?

“Abstract abstract painting. Our country does little. Our country would like to see pictures that look familiar. There is an investment to buy photos that look knowledgeable. seem ignorant He looked down. this is our country But it’s not like this in every country.

I’m in charge of producing, I’m producing, according to my opinion. Thai market is very petty. The population of Vietnam or Japan is already over a hundred million. Thailand is only over sixty million. they buy in dollars We buy baht

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Vietnam in my opinion Skill is nothing. Can’t compete with Thai, but he buys it in dollars. Which price is more expensive? A hundred thousand dollars and a hundred thousand baht, different stories. The world is now online.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's lives

  • Previously was a teacher Want to be an art teacher?

“It’s been a long time. It’s been many years. I don’t want to be anything. not a teacher not an actor or anything at all We are in charge of producing This is just not in time. We are not ready to meet unintended children.

This work produced only Do you know how concentrated, how focused, how much? It’s not drawing for fun, it’s not a hobby. It’s not that Pip plays dramas, teaches too, and draws too. No, I only paint. Because I spend a lot of time a day.

  • Is there any other art that you want to do?

“A lot. It sprouts into a sculpture. become anything at all What I think I will definitely do is a work of art on the floor. But I haven’t told you the format yet. I have to do it all.

or as a layout (Installation) but now I haven’t looked there yet. looking at the big picture and not alone have a meeting then take the artist Take us first.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

  • If there are fans asking about the drama, how will you answer?

“I don’t play anymore. Because I already set the job with the gallery image of actor It doesn’t support drawing. I spoke to the drama organizer who contacted me, didn’t know how many people

i don’t play anymore Although the characters to be portrayed at this age are in great demand. It’s time to sit and watch the set.”

  • How do you look at your past life?

“Right now is a very good rhythm of life. My life is very cold It’s cool that I don’t go to the outcome. Anyone who finds where I am now You know it’s very cool. If not illegal not immoral

We are in another mode that what do you do each day Before, everyone wanted the most income. minimal hours but not now Anyone who wants to come to this point must have money and it’s cool too, not hot.”

'Pip-Rawit Therduang' art never dies  because it is in people's livesCr. 333 Gallery

  • What are the guidelines for living?

“I like Dharma. Study Dharma. This is my heart. It’s the key to my life. Dharma is the trinity What happened, stayed put, went out. We’ve been to hundreds of funerals. When we sat and listened to the prayers someday it will be us That’s the trinity

Have you ever thought that Will death end or not end? I’m so lucky now that I’m still breathing. because most of them are not breathing

I want you to think about death with every breath. If you can’t, think more often and you’ll be less angry. Happier, lighter, less heavy, you start to expect less. let go more

You must understand. If you want, however much you want, it’s not enough. But if you live a comfortable life, don’t be greedy, don’t want much. Maybe you can live happier. I might as well continue to live like that.”


For fans, you can follow his work at 333 Gallery Warehouse 30, with a program that July 2023 will show art with fellow artists.

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