“Every time they talk about Michael Jordanthey should talk about Scottie Pippen“That’s how forceful MJ was when referring to his ideal partner in The Last Dance, a documentary by Netflix who is giving a lot to talk about in the world of basketball, because in his second episode he remembered how number 33 was not valued economically in the Chicago Bulls.

This caused a rebellion on the part of Scottie, who decided that after breaking a heel tendon, he would be operated until the beginning of the season 97-98 and not in preseason, because he did not want to ruin his summer, creating with this unrest in the team, mainly with Jerry Krause, Bulls General Manager, and who already had in mind the restructuring of the franchise.

Pippen wanted his contract to be renewed with a salary improvement, because the one he had in force placed him as player number 122 of the entire NBA in profits, something that seemed unfair to the right hand of Michael Jordan, who with his contribution, the Bulls They had already earned five titles.

This personal war with Krause It was known to everyone: both by the media, because every one who could, Pippen he assured that he would leave the team; as by the players, as they witnessed jokes and even insults from Scottie towards Jerry on the bus prior to each meeting.

Krause He also had friction with Phil Jackson, the team’s coach and whom he only renewed for one more year (1997-98), “even though he won all 82 games”, which is why Jackson baptized the campaign as The Last Dance, the last dance, title that takes the serial of Netflix, which releases two chapters each week.


The truth is that this strategy paid off for Scottie Pippen. After leaving Chicago in 1998 he signed with Houston and in season 98-99 he pocketed $ 11 million, when the maximum he had earned per season was $ 3,425,000 in 1992-93.

With the Rockets he only played one season and then went to the Portland Trail Blazers, where in four years he obtained 66 million 356 thousand dollars for pure salary.

He returned to the Bulls for the 2003-04 campaign and retired in 2005, having collected a total of 109 million 957 thousand 430 million dollars in wages for 16 seasons.


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