Pirates are proposing a freeze on politicians’ salaries. Babiš is in favor, Maláčové considers the proposal to reduce unrealistic

“The point is that next year the salaries will be the same as this year. I reckon that for an ordinary deputy in the Chamber of Deputies, this would have been increased by about 10,000 crowns gross per month without it, ”Mikuláš Ferjenčík, Pirate and Deputy Chairman of the House Budget Committee, presented the News to Novinka.

It should apply to constitutional officials. These are, for example, deputies, ministers, senators or the republics of Miloš Zeman. The state could save up to half a billion crowns on their salaries next year.

The proposal is likely to be supported by YES

Pirates expect support from the government YES. “I heard the Prime Minister say that politicians should reduce their salaries in a crisis. I therefore expect that the movement will be supported. In that case, we will get another club, “said Ferjenčík.

And probably so. The prime minister told Novinky that he is in favor of capping the amount of salary. “It simply came to our notice then. Bartoš’s idea is real. I hope to convince our deputies now, “he said.

In addition to YES, the Pirate Proposal could also be supported by the KSČM, which tolerates the government. “I have not read the proposal yet, but I have nothing against the idea,” Communist Chairman Vojtěch Filip wrote to Novinka.

Maláčová proposed a reduction

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) is also paying salaries, and she is even proposing to reduce them. According to her, wages should reach a maximum of five times the minimum wage. That is now 14,600 crowns, which multiplied by five is 73,000.

However, according to information from the News, the proposal will probably only be supported by the Social Democrats themselves. “We prefer the proposal of Minister Maláčová, which goes further and includes a reduction in the salaries of constitutional officials. The proposal should go to the government as soon as possible. If there is no will to reduce salaries, then the alternative is to freeze salaries, “Jan Chvojka, chairman of the CSSD parliamentary club, wrote to Novinky.

Babiš: It’s unrealistic

Maláčové’s proposal is not supported by the head of government YES either. “It simply came to our notice then. Members’ salaries should be commensurate with their responsibilities, so we cannot reduce them significantly. The higher salary is supposed to act as an anti-corruption insurance policy, “he wrote to Novinky.

The pirates, in turn, blame the proposal for tying salaries to the minimum wage. The KSČM, which tolerates the government, does not like it either.

Salaries in 2020
The basic monthly salary of the president this year is 302,700 crowns gross, the presidents of both parliamentary chambers and the prime minister will receive 243,800 crowns a month, the deputy prime ministers at 209,400 crowns. Like the ministers, the vice-chairmen of the parliamentary chambers receive 173,200 crowns a month, the heads of parliamentary committees, commissions and delegations 127,800 crowns. The basic monthly salary of a deputy and senator is 90,800 crowns.

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