News place number 2, everyone gives their opinion!

place number 2, everyone gives their opinion!

Here is the last little game that the editorial staff of TrashTalk has engaged in the past few days: establish a Top 6 per post, which takes into account only the 2019-20 season beware, because otherwise the editor’s dream five would probably be JR Smith, Lance Stephenson, Nick Young, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, all coached by Tyronn Lue. Eight editors, eight opinions, a small average and let’s go, the opportunity also to return to the end of the season of our favorite loulous. The rest you know it, we put the kevlars and the helmets and we find ourselves in the comments section?


Anthony Davis : the Lakers challenge has so far been managed in the best possible way. Anthony Davis had hammered before the start of the season he wanted to dominate especially in defense, and he did. He created, from the outset, a fantastic duo with LeBron, allowing the franchise to 16 titles to find the summit of the Western Conference. Sustainability and dominance issues in the Playoffs remain topical, but these are not elements of a ranking in the 2019-20 regular season. AD is the second best strong winger in the world, the best for purists who see it as a real 4, and undoubtedly the best interior of the orange planet. Not bad as a sidekick.


Anthony Davis : what a season for Anthony Davis! New city, new team, new role because more necessarily the only central point of the game of his team but the player is the same. He took a little less rebound than usual because he often found himself at post 4 between a wingman (LeBron James) and pivots (JaVale McGee, Dwight Howard) who sail a lot under the circles and pick up a lot of balloons. Otherwise… Well we saw the single-winged wingman that Lakers fans wanted to see: indefensible or almost, big circle protector, able to run in transition or to excel on half-court whether at the low post or in pick and roll / pop. Anthony Davis made it to L.A. He can be the defender of the year, one of the main architects of the best collective record in the West. The thing that fishes is that on his post, there is a maddening Greek.


Anthony Davis : not easy to be in the shadow of LeBron James when you are in your best years? AD is not Kyrie and for now everything seems to be going to LA The tandem has reached the level that the fans secretly hoped for and the Unibrow would have even taken power even more obviously without these many physical glitches . In the meantime, the integration has been faster than you could imagine and we discover Toto in a different light, in a team that can win. A frightening observation for the rest of the competition since we are perhaps simply witnessing the best duo ever formed with the King since the start of their career (yes). Lens ring and nothing else.


Anthony Davis : we’re talking about a guy who plays on the same team as LeBron James, and who is a better scorer, rebounder, blocker and interceptor of the latter. It puts you a man. As you can see, we’re talking about Anthony Davis, who made a splash for his very first season with the Lakers. If he was slightly in the shadow of the King, AD dominated quite impressively on both sides of the field, including being the leader of one of the best defenses in the NBA. With his arrival and the exceptional duo he formed with LeBron, the Lakers returned to the front of the stage, ending the regular season with the best record of the Western Conference.


Anthony Davis: the only reason why Anthony Davis fell to second place on the podium? The repositioning this season of Giannis to station 4. Because for me AD is clearly the best station 4 in the world for years, a REAL station 4. Elusive, too strong on both sides of the field, too big, too fast, too clever, too powerful. If AD played in Detroit, Phoenix or New York? Without any minute restrictions? AD would turn 40 points and 18 rebounds. Yes, but here it is, after eight years of dominating in its corner, the gas producer has decided to take charge of his career and add to a CV – quite empty – the collective victories by joining the Lakers. Result? Tonio is obviously still as strong but now he wins three games out of four, while continuing to type carnage once or twice a week. In two or three rings? We’ll start seriously discussing the guy’s place … in NBA history, quite simply.

Alexandre T.

Anthony Davis : Anthony Davis and the Lakers is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, wedding of the season. Back from six months in the cool to stay on the bench, we felt the eyebrows have fangs from the start, just to prove that he was a superstar and not just a diva. Its complementarity with LeBron? Obvious and magical: showtime is back in L.A. Always unplayable in attack with a full palette, Unibrow also closed the doors in the back, dragging the whole group in its wake. It’s no coincidence that the Hollywoord Basket Club is the first block team this season and one of the best defenses in the country. DPOY candidate, All-NBA Team guaranteed and who knows? A little bagouze if the season manages to end one day. Masterclass season for the King’s best friend.


Anthony Davis : the eyebrowed interior is simply monstrous and has established itself as the perfect complement to LeBron James in the Lakers from his first game in purple and gold. A real scoring and countering machine, the one who forms the Batman logo above his eyes is simply elusive on both sides of the field when he gets started, that is to say very often. The boy seems to have crossed a milestone again since his departure from New Orleans (yes yes, it was possible) and is increasingly becoming a weapon of mass destruction, he is often the X factor of his franchise, both offensive and defensive and in his duet with LeBron, they always manage to sublimate each other. The Lakers are indeed back on top, and it’s also largely thanks to him. In its wake, they are unplayable inside, and tell yourself that we could have added DeMarcus Cousins ​​to all this bazaar …


Anthony Davis : so much to say and yet everything seems obvious. Individually, he is monstrous: unparalleled defender, racket strength, good shooter and master of the art of attacking the circle. The Anthony Davis – LeBron James duo is frightening, bordering on the paranormal and already at the center of discussions that we dared not mention in September. All-Star in 27-9-3-2-2 on the season, it’s obvious, but our eyes are on the future. You cannot predict the future, except when it is written. Tomorrow, nothing seems to be able to divert the Lakers from the Larry O’Brien trophy even if this season, the Fallow Deer were tough. So yes, there will always be little jokers who will try to put a stick in the wheels of the strong winger, or maybe even these wheels will lock on their own, but the 29 other franchises will have to show solidarity for a while, history that it passes.


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Nicolas Zion Williamson Tobias Harris Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Giovanni Zion Williamson Tobias Harris Pascal Siakam Domantas Sabonis Anthony Davis
Well Julius Randle Zion Williamson Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Alex T. Jaren Jackson Jr. John collins Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Clement Tobias Harris John collins Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Arthur Jaren Jackson Jr. Tobias Harris Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Alex M. John collins Tobias Harris Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis
Bastien Zion Williamson Tobias Harris Domantas Sabonis Pascal Siakam Anthony Davis

No. 2 is so good, and if you are a little smart you will have understood what we might talk about tomorrow. Waiting ? We wish you a good weekend special wingers, we start to breathe there.


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