Plačková’s detention: A million euros and a man associated with the murder of a Slovak woman

Slovak influencer Zuzana Plačková was to be accused of drug crime and membership in a criminal group. There are a total of about 15 detainees, including a man who is associated with the brutal murder of Slovak Andrey Vlčeková, whose body was found in a barrel of acid a few months ago.

Zuzana Plačková was detained by police on Monday morning at her home in Miloslava near Bratislava. The Instagram star was also supposed to be part of a larger group dealing with drug trafficking, along with her husband René Strauzs, who also ended up with handcuffs on his hands.

Elite police officers also detained the well-known Slovak businessman Miroslav Farkaš. He was only one month free, before which he spent 20 months in custody for real estate fraud. In addition to him, Tibor G, a former Slovak representative in judo, is among the detainees. The Slovak media state that he was supposed to be the head of a criminal group.

Take a look at footage from Zuzana Plačková’s arrest:

According to the information, another detainee is supposed to be TV Awning and a man who is associated with the murder of Slovak Andrey Vlčeková. The mother of two little boys disappeared more than five years ago. Criminals were not supposed to find her body until this summer, in her ex-husband’s house. The remains were to be dissolved in a barrel of acid. Her ex-husband Miroslav Vlček himself had to throw her in the barrel.

During Monday’s raid, police seized over nine kilograms of meth, weapons, a laboratory for growing marijuana and 70,000 euros in cash, which is about 1.7 million crowns.

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Five years ago, Andrea disappeared in front of the kindergarten in Hlohovec near Trnava, where she took one of her sons. Watch the Nova TV report:


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