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– My son has been married for six years, but there are currently no plans for a baby, says Sanjeev Prasad.

He and his wife have made headlines in the Indian press. They take their own son to court, according to BBC.

Cause? He did not give a grandchild that day.

– It is every parent’s dream to become a grandparent. They have been waiting years to become one, says the couple’s lawyer.

Now they demand more than 6 million kroner in compensation, if the zone does not get a child within a year.

Paid education and weddings

The couple from the state of Uttarakhand, in the north of India, tell that they have spent all their savings on the zone.

in 2006, they paid for a pilot education in the United States. When the son returned home the following year without a job, he stayed home for free for two years, the couple said.


28-year-old Xiao Xiao is “too old” to get married

– We finally got him married in 2016, with the hope that he would get us a grandchild to play with as a pensioner, Prasad says to Times of India.

The couple said that they spent almost 800,000 kroner on a lavish wedding and honeymoon.

A court in the town of Haridwar will hear the case. Haridwar is located in northern India, on the Ganges River.

Foto: Sandeep Sharma / AP

– Mental torture

Six years after the wedding, the zone still has no plans to have children, to the parents’ frustration.

– We dropped our dreams to raise him, the couple says.

Prasad’s lawyer told that the couple demanded compensation for what they believe is “mental brutality”, according to The National.

– Despite all our efforts, my son and his wife have caused mental torture by not giving us a grandchild, says Prasad.

The case will be heard in court next week. The zone has not so far commented on the case.

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