Planas defends that the agricultural sector will be “one of the pillars” of the economic recovery

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has assured that the agricultural sector will be “one of the pillars” of the economic recovery in the context of the coronavirus crisis.

In an interview in ‘La Vanguardia’ this Sunday, the minister stated that the sector is profitable and “professionally attractive” for young and well-trained people.

Planas has argued that the sector has weathered the pandemic very well and has argued that agricultural GDP has risen 6.3% according to the INE, “a record figure in recent years.”


According to the minister, half of agricultural production is exported abroad, which is why Spain has become the seventh agri-food exporting power in the world and the seventh in the European Union (EU).

However, he considers that at the moment Brexit is a factor of uncertainty and that tariffs in the United States – which affect olive oil, table olives, wines, cheeses and other products – are unfair.

He explained that the sector has to grow, seek new markets abroad and “take a step forward” in the United States, China, Japan or Canada.


The minister has identified as challenges for the sector to compensate wages with innovation and digitization, expand the sustainability of the sector, break the gender gap and motivate the presence of women in rural areas.

He also sees it necessary to take care of the generational change “to avoid the emptying of the interior areas” and has assured that he is optimistic and that he believes that the agrarian is one of the sectors of the future.

It relies on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which, as explained, will contribute 47,000 million euros in seven years which, together with national and regional co-financing, will represent more than 52,000 million, not counting the amounts included in the fund of recovery, transformation and resilience.

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