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American airline United Airlines uses a hard fist with its no vax employees. After an initial invitation to get vaccinated, now he doesn’t accept excuses. In fact, in early August, he asked all his staff in the United States to get vaccinated. Now he has decided to firing the 593 employees who refused to comply with the vaccination obligation against Covid-19. This was announced by the company itself.

United Airlines also explained that another 2 thousand employees, equal to about 3% of the 67 thousand employees, have requested a medical or religious exemption. And the company said it was satisfied, on the whole, with the results of its vaccination policy. “We required vaccinations for all United States-based employees for one simple reason: ensure the safety of our employees“, said the head of the company in a statement Scott Kirby and the public affairs officer Brett Hart.

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“The truth is that everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated and it is necessary for the vaccine to work,” the statement said. For the 593 employees who have not provided proof of vaccination, the company will initiate a layoff process following a well-defined procedure negotiated with the unions. “It was a decision incredibly difficult, but ensuring the safety of our team has always been our priority, “the officials said. According to the US Federal Agency for Law Enforcement Against Workplace Discrimination or Religious Objection, in fact, employers of work have it all the right to ask their employees to be vaccinated, obviously respecting medical exceptions.

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