Planes and factories in flames after a Ukrainian ‘rain of drones’ in the north and south of Russia

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Russia has suffered on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday one of the largest Ukrainian drone attacks to date in the west of the country. The Russian military says it managed to shoot down drones in at least six regionsand neutralized a Ukrainian naval attack on the peninsula of Crimea. This time the Ukrainians aimed far to the north, in Pskovnear the border with the Baltic countries. Bryansk, Kaluga, Orlov, Riazán and Moscow were other targets. Several Russian military planes were damaged and civil aviation affected by drone strikes, Russian officials have admitted. Images of facilities on fire arrive from different parts of the country.

The most significant attack is the one that has taken place in Pskov, some 660 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border, close to the borders with Estonia and Latvia. There four Il-76 military transport planes were damaged, at a military airfield according to the Tass news agency. Two of the planes “burst into flames.” Local sources speak to the Russian media of a ‘rain of drones’, since between 10 and 20 participated in the attack. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not report anything about it, but the whole sky over Pskov, the region and the nearest regions was completely closed to flights.

Local residents said they heard explosions and shots from automatic weapons, writes the newspaper ‘Pskov Gubernia’, a chaos in the middle of the night in the place where the 334th military transport regiment is located. One of the drones hit the refueling complex on the territory of the airport, after which a large fire broke out, the channel says. Telegram Mash.

Footage posted by the Pskov governor on Telegram showed smoke billowing from a large fire as sirens and an explosion were heard. Images shared on social networks showed anti-aircraft systems being fully employed around the city, which is only 32 kilometers east of the border with Estonia, a country belonging to the I’LL TAKE.

Civilian flights were canceled at the airport in this western Russian city. The target of the attack could also be an oil depot located near the airport. Or the military base Cherekhinskywhere the 104th Airborne Assault Regiment, which participated in the massacre of civilians in Bucha in 2022, is deployed.

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