Planet Coaster expands with classic attractions and adds multiple countries with the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle DLC

Through an official press release, Private Division Y Frontier have announced that Planet Coaster: Console Edition brings back classic attractions and adds multiple countries with the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle DLC. Spain will be present with the Vintage & World´s Fair Bundle DLC with various local elements that we can use to customize our amusement park.

Following the successful November 2020 release of Planet Coaster: Console Edition, the new Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle DLC is the largest content pack released to date for this version. Players will discover a lot of novelties: a total of 10 new attractions (4 roller coasters and 6 attractions), more than 250 projects and more than 900 novelties between shops, facilities, buildings, and decorative elements.

Planet Coaster keeps growing

  • With World’s Fair Pack, players can celebrate and recreate the sights and sounds of different countries: China, the US, France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and of course, Spain. Visitors can stroll through the most iconic destinations on the planet.
  • Each country has its own theme and offers unique shops, restaurants and settings. From decorations typical of each territory and giant posters, to new decorations based on the themes of different countries. Players have everything they need to build the ultimate international amusement park.
  • All content in the Vintage & World’s Fair Bundle is compatible with the Frontier Workshop. Built from the ground up for console, this online meeting place allows players to share their creations and be downloaded by everyone, as long as they have the right DLC.

The Vintage and World’s Fair Bundle is now available for Planet Coaster: Console Edition on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, at a suggested price of € 12.99. The DLCs are also available, individually, at a price of € 9.99.


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