Planned Tesla plant: A test case for Germany


Tesla boss Elon Musk
Picture: dpa

Large projects are often viewed with skepticism in Germany. But it should not be forgotten that those who promise four billion euros and 12,000 modern jobs are also welcome elsewhere.

Bisher the establishment of the Tesla Gigafactory for electric cars in Brandenburg runs surprisingly well. The protests are limited, the state government is clever. The purchase contract has been signed, the first bombs have been defused – even in the literal sense. Even the founder of the group, Elon Musk, is making an effort to dispel the concerns that inevitably arise in large-scale projects in many places, but which are often particularly severe in Germany.

The tiny Hambacher Forest is a disturbing example: under pressure from a powerful movement by international climate protectionists and capitalism critics, Germany, which is not poor in forests, is now paying RWE a lot of money to maintain the “Hambi”. If a similarly irrational mood spreads against the clearing of the trees or the water consumption of the Tesla factory, Musk’s patience will finally be.

Anyone who promises four billion euros and 12,000 modern jobs is also welcome elsewhere. Tesla is a test case beyond Brandenburg, whether contracts are still valid in this country, approval procedures expire quickly and politicians stand by their promises even in the face of a headwind.



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