Plato is not to blame! Why does Friske blame his nephew for Jeanne's death?


The conflict between Dmitry Shepelev and the singer's parents can be much deeper than a dispute over the non-shared money of the Russian Fund.

The civil husband of Zhanna Friske, the presenter Dmitry Shepelev, and the parents of the deceased singer are in strong dispute: the problem of Letting them talk to Andrei Malakhov was dedicated to their conflict.

It is believed that Shepelev and Friske-seniors did not split 25 million rubles collected by the Russians for Jeanne's treatment. These funds were stored in Rusfond, but disappeared with the singer's death, which is why the dispute between the heirs began.

However, money is too small a reason to ban six-year-old nephew Plato from seeing his grandparents. But Shepelev got exactly that: with the court's decision he was allowed to see only 1.5 hours a week.

Typically, Friske's parents did not appeal to this decision. Maybe they really don't want to see their nephew, because basically they can blame Plato for the death of their daughter.

"Because of the child, because of Platoshka, we lost our daughter" – Vladimir Friske, Jeanne's father.

The fact is that Jeanne's cancer was discovered during pregnancy, but during the period she received no treatment so as not to damage the baby. Moreover, many argue that during the conception of Plato, the IVF method was used, which was responsible for the development of the oncology.

"The situation is the same as in Friske: lethal doses of hormones to get pregnant, in vitro fertilization, a subsequent incurable diagnosis", blogger Lena Miro.

Of course, Jeanne's relatives will always love the singer's desired son. However, the mental pain of loss could provoke irrational resentment against an innocent child, for whom it is shameful, but cannot be cured.



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