Business Play and generate bitcoins in RollerCoin, an online mining...

Play and generate bitcoins in RollerCoin, an online mining simulator

Key facts:
  • In RollerCoin you can mine: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

  • With the minigames you can generate more cryptocurrencies.

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RollerCoin is an RPG where you become a virtual cryptocurrency miner. In this simulator you will be able to build your own mining farm and generate real crypto assets such as bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) from Ethereum and dogecoin (DOGE).

In RollerCoin There are two ways to generate or “mine” cryptocurrencies. The first is buying the mining equipment (yes, within the game you can buy and build your own mining rig). The teams are virtual, but they allow you to generate real cryptocurrencies. The second way is with Minigames, in which you can gain mining power for 24 hours. Later in this article we will explain each one in depth.

RollerCoin main cover. Source: RollerCoin.

In RollerCoin you will also have RollerToken, the platform’s own cryptoasset, based on the ERC20 standard of la red de Ethereum. This allows you to buy exclusive miners and can be purchased directly within the game at the time of deposit.

If you use an ad blocker, you must disable it to use RollerCoin.

Create your mining farms in RollerCoin

Within the Rooms option you can buy rooms to add more miners. Caption: RollerCoin.

Once you have registered and configured your avatar, this will be your room. This is where you will start building your own mining farm.

On the left side of your room you will see the control panel, where you will find:

Within the Rooms option you can buy rooms to add more miners. Caption: RollerCoin.
  • Electricity (Electricity): shows the electricity consumption of your miners.
  • My Power (My mining power): it is the mining power you have. Here you can also configure how to divide the mining power between the 3 different pools for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.
  • Network power (Network power): is the total mining power of the entire RollerCoin network, this adding each pool. If you click on the date, a list with the individual values ​​of each pool will be displayed.
  • Block Reward (Block reward): is the amount of cryptocurrencies that are generated per block, which is generated every 5 minutes. Remember that we are not talking about actual mining.
  • Exp. Reward (Approximate reward): is the approximate you will receive each time a block is mined. This value increases if you increase your mining power.

Build your virtual cryptocurrency mining rig in RollerCoin

The mining equipment on RollerCoin They offer you permanent mining power. The only points to take into account is that they take up space inside the room and generate a cost for electricity (which is shown on the control panel) that affects your profitability.

Miners can only buy it with bitcoins or RollerTokenyes, in the case of racks it’s only with BTC.

How to deposit bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in RollerCoin

The first thing you should do is locate the portfolio icon in the upper left corner, along with the balance in cryptocurrencies.

There are no commissions for deposits in RollerCoin, beyond what you will pay for the transfer on the Bitcoin network. Source: RollerCoin.

Now, you must locate what you want to deposit from the 4 available options: Bitcoin, RollerToken, Doge and Ethereum. In our case we will choose Bitcoin, for which we must choose the Deposit option that will show the portfolio address, in this case, BTC.

The Bitcoin wallet address that RollerCoin generates is unique for each account, but the private keys of that address are managed by the platform: Source: RollerCoin.

You already have the address then, now you just have to send the funds and wait for them to be confirmed. Keep in mind only send the amount you think is prudent for play RollerCoin, since the private keys of the wallets within the platform are not managed by you.

There are no minimum amounts to deposit cryptocurrencies.

Deposit RollerToken

In the case of depositing RollerToken it is quite particular. In the first instance, you do not “deposit” RollerToken, but rather you exchange or buy this token with the cryptocurrencies that RollerCoin has available. You can see this better by going to the RollerToken section within your portfolio.

For now, RollerTokens only allow you to acquire exclusive miners. Source: RollerCoin.

Here it shows you the amount of RLT (RollerToken) you want to buy and below the amount to pay according to the cryptocurrency you choose. Likewise, there is a minimum purchase amount that is 10 RLT, regardless of the cryptocurrency with which you decide to pay.

The purchase will be made with the balance of cryptocurrencies that you have available within your wallet in RollerCoin. That is, you must first deposit before acquiring RollerTokens.

To finish the process, you just have to read the terms and conditions of use, along with the privacy policies. If you agree, check the corresponding box and click on Buy Tokens (Buy tokens) and voila.

To buy racks or shelves to place mining equipment

The mining teams at RollerCoin are organized in racks or shelves. These can be located in the shopping cart icon in the upper menu, by selecting the option Racks.

Racks or racks allow you to add a predetermined capacity of mining equipment. RollerCoins.

The Racks or shelves, these are the ones you see in the previous image. For now, two types of racks different: 6-cell and 8-cell. Both occupy the same space within your room, but allow you to place more or less miners. Each miner occupies 1 or 2 cells depending on the type. As a tip, you can go through the miners section (Miners) before buying a rack, to know which one you will need.

Inside your room you can locate up to twelve racks, either 8 or 6 cells. However, you can buy more rooms from the main window of your room.

Now you just have to press on Buy (Buy), and these will be automatically placed inside your room.

Buy cryptocurrency mining equipment

You already have your racks set, now we are going to buy the mining equipment to start mining. To see the list, you must go to the shopping cart icon and select about Miners (Miners).

The yellow miners, which you buy with RLT, are the most profitable today. Source: RollerCoin.

The image shows the available miners, and the points to take into account for each one are:

  • Cell(s) (Cells): this is the space occupied within the rack.
  • Gh / s: is the mining power of the miner. This value is expressed in Gigahashes per second.
  • Price (Price): the cost of the miner. This value is expressed in satoshis (SAT) which is the smallest unit of 1 BTC. Being 1 SAT = 0.00000001 BTC. There are also miners on RLT or RollerTokens.

Here you don’t have to worry about which miner is mining which cryptocurrency; inside RollerCoin, all miners mine all cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is manage the amount of mining power you want for each crypto asset.

Now, to buy you just have to click on the miner you want and when you click on Buy it will be automatically placed within the rack where space is available. After being purchased, it will start generating cryptocurrencies for you immediately. Great!

As you progress through the game, the PC in front of your avatar will change to a more updated one. Source: RollerCoin.

Minigames to get mining power in RollerCoin

As we mentioned at the beginning, if you do not want to spend money to buy racks and miners, you can use the mini-games within RollerCoin to get mining power for 24 hours.

The minigames can be found in the section Games (Games) from the top menu.

The games are quite simple and are imitations of very famous games that you have probably already played. Source: RollerCoin.

We are not going to explain how to play the games, since they are very basic. What we will show you is how they work to gain mining power.

Each game has 3 variables: difficulty, time and reward. The greater the difficulty, the greater the reward, but in turn, the game will be more complicated.

All games start with difficulty (Difficulty) 1, which is the first bar that accompanies each one. This bar will increase as you play, specifically, every 3 levels or every time you reach the maximum score 3 times.

While each game can take between 40 and 60 seconds, you can play until you get the maximum reward.

Another interesting thing with the difficulty is the waiting time. The greater the difficulty, the greater the waiting time. Thus, since a game is at its maximum level, you will have to wait 24 hours to play it again.

To obtain the mining power of the game, once you finish a game you will see the option Gain Power, which will convert the total points you got into Gh / s.

Manage mining power in RollerCoin

At this point you have your mining equipment and have generated mining power with the minigames now. What to mine? As we mentioned there are 3 different cryptocurrencies for mine inside RollerCoin. By default, Bitcoin mining is configured, but you can divide the mining power between the 3 available cryptocurrencies. You can do this by clicking on the arrow located at My power, and select Split Power (Divide power).

Unassigned mining power is placed in Free Power. Source: RollerCoin.

The values ​​that you enter to each cryptocurrency are percentage. This means that you can divide 100% as you like, between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

To finish, select on Save Changes (Save changes) and that’s it.

How to withdraw cryptocurrencies from RollerCoin

RollerCoin withdrawal is the same as you would from a cryptocurrency wallet. You must start by going to the wallets option, choose the cryptocurrency to withdraw and press on Withdraw (Retirement).

Each cryptocurrency has a minimum withdrawal cap. In the case of BTC it is 0.0001 BTC: Source: RollerCoin.

To withdraw you must enter the destination address and the amount. At the bottom you will need to mark the option that confirms that you are entering the correct address to which you want to withdraw, since RollerCoin is not responsible.

With everything ready, you press on Confirm (Confirm) and you will have withdrawn your money.


RollerCoin is quite entertaining, oriented to an 8Bits interface of those old Ataris console games such as the famous Mario Bros.

More than a game, RollerCoin it really allows you to generate real cryptocurrencies. On YouTube it is normal to find people who generate strategies to generate income on this platform. Which are generally based on how to use the minigames to generate profitability, and which ones you generate the most.

The game is constantly updated, and if you realize it has a large mass of users, since we speak that the current mining power of the network is more than 7 thousand Exahashes per second, being 1 exachash 1 million terahash. If we compare it with the Bitcoin network the difference is abysmal with just 133,159 Ph / s or petahashes, of course it is just a game and it is a number that does not exist, but you can get the idea.


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