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International Center / Reported by Ke Meiyi

▲The boy played hide-and-seek and hid in the container and accidentally fell asleep. (Schematic diagram / flipped from Pixabay)

A 15-year-old boy in Bangladesh was playing hide-and-seek with his friends at the port. He hid in a container and fell asleep accidentally. As a result, the container was loaded onto a merchant ship. The boy crossed the Indian Ocean without knowing it and arrived in Malaysia six days later. Port personnel found him and rescued him.

According to foreign media reports such as The Times of India, the 15-year-old Fahim was playing hide-and-seek with his friends in the port city of Chittagong on the 11th. He was hiding in a container and fell asleep accidentally. The container was loaded onto a merchant ship bound for Malaysia. Six days later, the container arrived at Port Klang, Malaysia. Fahim found himself locked in the container. He was so frightened that he tried his best to knock on the wall of the container for help, but was successfully discovered by the port personnel.

Since he hadn’t eaten for nearly a week, Fahim was quite hungry and severely dehydrated. The Malaysian police originally thought that the teenager was involved in a criminal group’s human trafficking plan. Further investigation confirmed that Fahim strayed into the container while playing hide-and-seek with his friends. At present, Fahim has been sent to the hospital for treatment. After he recovers, he will be sent back to Bangladesh with the help of immigration officials.

In fact, last October,The police found the decomposed body of a 15-year-old boy in the container. The boy was also locked in the container and came from Bangladesh.port cityChittagong was transported to Penang Port in Malaysia, so this incident made the police suspicious.

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