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Many “Rune Factory” series players’ favorite generation “Rune Factory 3” will be released on March 30th with the remake “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition”. Before the game was released, Taiwan SEGA also invited Taiwanese media to try out the remake of this classic game first.

It’s a bit of a pity that the brand-new “Newlyweds Mode” cannot be played in this test, so I will still focus on the original story mode to talk about my impressions this time.

Combining the farming, animal husbandry, social interaction, etc. of “Harvest Moon”, plus the level-up action combat and production, plus the communication and love with NPCs, “Rune Factory” is a mishmash that combines many game elements work.

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This three-generation story describes that the protagonist played by the player is a young man who has lost his memory and has the incredible power to transform into a monster. In order for humans and monsters who are hostile to each other to coexist hand in hand, players need to carry out various adventures in this world.

The purpose of the player is to upgrade the level through collection and planting, make good weapons and take risks in the maze to advance the main line. In the main line, you will cultivate relationships with various NPCs. Players can choose one of the many female characters to become your pursuit target, and then Become a life partner.

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The main storyline of “Rune Factory 3” is not too long, and it does not support same-sex relationships, but the character design of this work can be said to have received a lot of praise. The female characters have distinctive personalities and their own attractive places, so for those who like For those who love the plot, “Rune Factory 3” can be said to be a work not to be missed.

This time, “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition” not only changed the screen to HD, but also updated the entire 3D module, and also included new OP videos to bring the game closer to modern standards. However, the presentation of many pictures, like lifting stacks of tall harvested crops, is exactly the same as in the past. The only thing that has changed is the cancellation of the network connection. The past network connection caused the novice to get the powerful weapons given by the veteran, which ruined the game experience.

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However, because the system has basically not been changed, the shortcomings are also the same, such as the storage box space is low, and the time passes quickly (1 minute in reality is 1 hour in the game). Therefore, if someone who is not familiar with “Rune Factory” runs around in various maps from the beginning, he may be sent home directly by high-level monsters, or he may not be able to find the mission target.

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Although the graphics are indeed improved compared to the original version, for a remake, some of the defects of the original version can actually be modified by taking the opportunity, but this time the deluxe version does not do this, from another perspective of the remake It’s a pity. However, if you only look at the restoration, except for the inability to connect, this time it is quite faithful.

In addition, it can be mentioned that each map of the third generation is not too big, and it is not completely 3D, so there will be no problem with the fifth generation when switching maps, and because the scene is still 2D, the stability of the game is enough. High, there will be no bugs that some 3D games will have.

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In addition to the attractive female characters, this work also has a great feature that everything is related to leveling up, whether it is using different weapons, or all behaviors of cultivation, even sleeping and being beaten. Level, after these respective levels are upgraded, the value of the character can be increased, which is also a kind of interlocking design.

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Although the main story is not long, there are quite a lot of things to do in the game, and there are various commissions, etc. Players don’t have to be afraid of the short game time, but they have to be afraid that there are too many things to do. Of course, there is also a new marriage plot that has not been tested this time, which should satisfy many old players.

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Of course, after finally catching up with the person you like and getting married, you can play the “Newlyweds Mode”. According to the official statement, the “Newlyweds Mode” includes new stories about spending a sweet newlywed life with your married partner. There are not only lively Live 2D performances, but also audio and video limited to the wedding mode.

The Chinese version of “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition” will be released on Nintendo Switch on March 30. The Japanese version was previously released.

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