Play your opponent and end KO (video)


THE SCAN SPORT – A bit too confident, Sabri Sediri was hit by her opponent Saturday night in Leicester.

"It's not over until the bell rings," he loved to repeat Rocky Balboa. To forget it, Sabri Sediri paid him dear Saturday night in Leicester. The French boxer, in contention for a European super-lightweight WBO title, brought the points against Briton Sam Maxwell in the 10th and final round. An advantage built thanks to two knockdowns inflicted on the opponent at the start of the fight and made a little too confident.

Dancing the English, with a good dose of casualness, while waiting for the chronometer, Sediri didn't see the left-right sequence of his opponent coming who literally glared at him. Being in the ring, the member of the Améénois Boxing Club (25 years) was also entitled to some bird names of an opponent visibly stung by his attitude. At ten seconds and with a little more caution, Sediri could have avoided a first defeat in twelve professional fights.



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