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Trading card game artifact it came out vapor at the end of November 2018. And at the beginning it seemed to the players and critics of the project, which is destined for a great future. The advantage in the game used the original mechanics, and the combat system and mythology were based on the popular Dota 2. But some decisions were too controversial and, in the first place, the monetization system.

Within two weeks, it became clear that the artifact was rapidly losing players. Of over 60 thousand people in the network, less than 20 thousand. But at this level the game could not last long. The online newspaper only once exceeded 10 thousand people: when valve has released a patch with a classification system and account levels. Now the participation has fallen below 5 thousand.

But the most noticeable decline in player base was reflected in market prices: artifact cards were never so cheap. You can buy the entire collection by spending a little over one hundred dollars (about 7 thousand rubles). Shortly after the exit of this amount you can buy well if a dozen cards. Now the most expensive hero Ax is worth less than five and a half dollars and the spells are valued even lower. Remember that the map of Aksa initially costs more than the game itself.

"Ax" after release and now

The outrage among the players was caused not only by the monetization system, which can be described as "buy a game and pay for everything you do"The artifact has been criticized for the lack of ratings and chat, an imbalance in cards and too much randomness in mechanics.Valve has released a series of patches and promises even more changes and innovations in the coming months, but it is not yet managed to convince players, and in 2019 will bring the game on iOS and Android.


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